Andrew WK: Crazy in the Coconut

Andrew WK’s Joke Won’t Last

You’re nuts. Have you seen the video for “Party Hard?” It’s insane. Are you driving a Camaro? Do you have your white leather high-tops and acid-washed jeans? Better have a fresh can of Skoal on you too as I’m sure it’ll be a long night. — Phil Wise, via e-mail, 4/2/02

I didn’t drive my Camaro to the show. And I couldn’t find the large-tongued Reeboks under my bed. But acid-washed? Come on. You know I only wear three-legged jeans. Besides, Converse All Stars and unfortunately-washed jeans are Andrew WK’s shtick. And who wants to look like a long-haired kook with a Glenn Danzig complex?

Tuesday night’s Andrew WK “performance” at Chicago’s Metro played out like a car accident: Despite the onstage carnage, you just couldn’t tear your eyes away. There was a perverse pleasure in watching WK’s pre-teen (and curiously overweight) all-ages audience snicker and point at the lousy longhair on stage, hooting and clapping with exaggerated praise after each screed of synthesized party metal was mercifully ended. Performing in front of a comically enormous A W K tapestry, and flanked by no less than three doom metal guitarists, Andrew Wilkes-Krier’s crystal gravy talent couldn’t have been more obvious. But he must have felt the need to drive that point home. At the end of his set, WK attempted a triumphant leap from the drum riser. But no one told him that only real rock stars are allowed to do that, and he slipped, collapsing into a heap of glacier-wash and stained white T. At that point, Andrew WK received his only genuine applause of the night.

You can’t pick up the conch and simply declare yourself Keeper of the Party Rock Platter. If you could, David Lee Roth would be a millionaire solo artist. Everyone likes to drink beer, get laid, and listen to a bitchin’ party record. And normally, we don’t ask for any substance from that music, other than its inclination to jam. But don’t punch me in the face and tell me I love it. Andrew WK is trading his ballsweat riffs and party hard lyrics on a platform of insipid passion. Between songs, lank hair hanging across his face, WK waxes about the sanctity of his performance, and the release felt when real rock and roll happens. But there are two things wrong with that speech. First, there’s nothing sacred about WK’s bit. It’s by-the-numbers hair metal indebted to Anthrax, with too much reliance on keyboard loops. And second, if Wilkes-Krier really wanted us to party ’til we puke, he’d just shut up and rock it. The great thing about a party band like Motley Crue was their abhorrence of pretense. They didn’t wrap up the riff to “Girls, Girls, Girls” in anything other than a pile of their groupies’ torn undergarments. The walking sight gag that is Andrew WK hasn’t learned this lesson.

Andrew WK has deployed upon the public a postmodern shell game, in which his trailer park garb, metal sensibilities and ostensibly vacuous lyrics are supposed to be perceived as a critique of Rock itself. And that’s annoying. Party music doesn’t deserve to be sullied by such a villain. Would you ever want Kid Rock to tell you that “Cowboy” was about much more than garnering west coast pussy for his Detroit playas?


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  1. Fuckin’ hilarious article. The fact that he takes himself and his “art” so seriously seems like a Tenacious D bit, doesn’t it? He’s seriously fucked in the head and should be handled like a rabid dog. Put him down.Phil

  2. Check out the disaster for yourself:Thu, Apr 4 Grand Rapids, MI Intersection Fri, Apr 5 Detroit, MI St. Andrews Hall Sun, Apr 7 Cleveland, OH Odeon Concert Club Mon, Apr 8 Pittsburgh, PA Club Laga Tue, Apr 9 Washington DC, DC Black Cat Thu, Apr 11 Boston, MA Paradise Rock Club Fri, Apr 12 Philadelphia, PA TLA Sat, Apr 13 Hartford, CT Webster Theater More dates at

  3. What I didn’t mention in the article:WK is currently touring on the “MTV2 Tour,” which given, recent GLONO content, would seem to be in our good graces. Not so fast mi amigo. While WK’s slopfest was the opener, two young metal bands were the real draw: The Apex Theory and the Lost Prophets. While Apex Theory’s tightly-wound melodies and sludgy, lockstep choruses were similar to fellow Armenian-American metalheads System of a Down, there just wasn’t enough rock in their rock. The kids lost interest. The Lost Prophets are Swedish, but their Nu Metal krush groove is straight outta LA. They performed a set of confusing numbers that seemingly were kicked off Linkin Park’s record for making no sense. Jarring changes and operatic vocals are one thing. But they need to be lined up in a manner that sounds good to the human ear. To that end, I think LP has been brought to the US more for their looks than sound. There were plenty of swooning, skater-betty-type girls trying desperately to groove to LP’s mind-warping static, in the hope that one of the dishes onstage – to a man sporting perfectly messy hairdos and fashionable T-shirts emblazoned with edgy logos – would notice them. Paul! John! Riiiiinnnnnnngggggoooooooo!!!!!!

  4. I checked out this dude’s web site. What a freaking joke. There’s something terrible about watching someone humiliate themselves. It’s like laughing at a gimp. Go read the text on his homepage. Ugh! He does sort of look like Dave Grohl.

  5. Having just listened to some of this stuff streamed from his Web site, I find AWK to be the perfect sort of music for the people who populate the daily talk show circuit. His desire to be a prophet for the masses whose only desire in life is to blow their 15 Minutes on Jerry Springer may be revolting, but I find it kind of funny. Of course I’m a sick bastard who occasionally tunes in Ricki for a laugh.

  6. you sad pile of dung,haven’t you anything to say that is not childish,if you don’t like it, don’t listen, it’s not for everyone…prat

  7. it’s strange… on one hand you hold up acts like the strokes and white stripes, but you’re so quick to knock someone like andrew wk down. if anything, “party hard” is a more accomplished piece of pop culture than anything than the strokes or white stripes have been able to produce. am i saying it’s better music? of course not. but it is, in the truest sense, a rock anthem. as sophmoric as the message it may be conveying, it’s a hell of a tune that pulls you in. i’ll admit it, i love the song. for nothing else, it’s a guilty pleasure that i love to revel in.

  8. Either you get Andy or you don’t. Obviously, if your point of rock reference is anything that Tommy Lee had a hand in, you’d better be reassessing your priorities.

  9. “3 doom metal guitarists”? well, let’s see one has long hair and looked the part of doom metal, one is painfully normal with short cropped hair and a black t shirt and the third is a hawaiian shirt wearing, ear to ear smiling goof. not exactly horsemen of the apocalypse are they? And the insanely cheerful riffage they are blasting out isn’t really doomish either? and why oh why is everyone bandying about the “po-mo” theory? this is a pretty simple band with fun music and a refreshing, gloriously stupid message. andrew rocks! the majority of comments here would lead me to believe, like MSG, that no one here is getting laid…not even by themselves.

  10. Gee, I am gay in the head. Disregard my first message. I loooove all six four inches of Andrew’s hot cock. I hadn’t fastened my little queer eyes on him when I heard the music, but now– whoo hoo!

  11. the song in question is “party hard”. and i would have to agree that they are “three doom guitarist”. don’t let the hawaiin shirt fool ya. i believe andrew wk recruited them as his touring mates from various florida death metal acts, the majority of the group coming from a band named obituary.of course, i could be wrong…. this is what i picked up in passing through an article or that chubby bald kid rattling off facts on mtv2 music news.

  12. Scotty, does that mean your girlfriend is back in the dating pool? I’m not asking for me; it’s for a – ummm-errr – a friend. Yeah, that’s the ticket. I’m asking for a friend.

  13. We had no idea who the hell “Andrew WK” was until just now — the discussion was so interesting, that we had to check out the guy’s website…so glad you introduced us to this guy, Johnny…As to the why everybody’s talking about getting laid, we don’t quite get it…this was a quote we found on his website:”This record is about ‘not stopping’ in every sense of the word, and every aspect of life, and it was created with determination that reflected that. Whatever you do in life, if you go full bore you’re bound to get wet–with blood, sweat, urine, semen or girls’ lubricant…intense emotions – from passionate feelings of love and excitement to the most anger filled, hateful rages, and everything in between – embracing life and other people, and coming together as a party in celebration of possibilities, potential and opportunity. It’s an explosion of human life.”That’s pretty deep…really, though, it’s no different from the marketing ploys used by a number of other artists. Just a way to sell records, and clearly he’s doing that, so gotta give the guy a little credit.At first glance seems kind of like a poor man’s Marilyn Manson. Marilyn Manson did a much better job with a similary image. We love that “guy”

  14. We had no idea who the hell “Andrew WK” was until just now — the discussion was so interesting, that we had to check out the guy’s website…so glad you introduced us to this guy, Johnny…As to the why everybody’s talking about getting laid, we don’t quite get it…this was a quote we found on his website:”This record is about ‘not stopping’ in every sense of the word, and every aspect of life, and it was created with determination that reflected that. Whatever you do in life, if you go full bore you’re bound to get wet–with blood, sweat, urine, semen or girls’ lubricant…intense emotions – from passionate feelings of love and excitement to the most anger filled, hateful rages, and everything in between – embracing life and other people, and coming together as a party in celebration of possibilities, potential and opportunity. It’s an explosion of human life.”That’s pretty deep…really, though, it’s no different from the marketing ploys used by a number of other artists. Just a way to sell records, and clearly he’s doing that, so gotta give the guy a little credit.At first glance seems kind of like a poor man’s Marilyn Manson. Marilyn Manson did a much better job with a similary image. We love that “guy”

  15. No Prop, she’s off the market and neatly tucked away in my own little chastity cage!As far as this whole trailer park trash metal scene goes, I’d rather watch WWF Smackdown! Anyone sticking up for this dude as an “artist” must have an ICP sticker on their Monte Carlo. Or, if you can’t afford the Monte SS, there’s always the ’88’ Cutlas Sierra, four banger automatic! Funny how GM is the car of choice for modular-home-challenged crowd. My favorite, though, is the ’92’ Cavlier/pizza delivery car, replete with Dale Ernhart window sticker and mismatched hubcaps.What was article about again?

  16. It comes down to each our own opinions and thought of who we are …. we like it or we don’t. Because they were different NOT everyone liked Mozart…they tried to stop Elvis… AWK has his own art form ..some will understand others will not… IF not get over it and move on… for the rest ROCK ON…

  17. Scott, You may be the most elitist person I’ve ever met. Can you move on to something else?My problem with Andrew WK: Pretense and lack of originality. Claims of artsistic integrity go out the window when encouraging people to Party (capital P) ’til they puke. I have a soft spot for straight ahead partying and drinking music too, but not under the guise of artsitry.And, it’s been done much better. Kid Rock takes on the “tailer trash” angle with more creativity, flair and originality. Kid Rock mixes genres (rock, soul, hip hop, country, etc) and makes something new. Like it or not, it’s more original than 97% of what’s out there. I can’t even get on a Beastie Boys rant right now.Andrew WK is just rehashing old themes and old images and his tagline is that it’s somehow art. It ain’t. Not anymore than Jerry Springer or Meatballs. It’s entretainment and that’s fine, but let’s be serious.

  18. Oh come on D its comments like yours that don’t count for a thing. Not art. I like Dali but I don’t care for VanGough. It does not mean its not art just because you don’t like it. Thoughts and expression go deeper. Its just different for each person.

  19. So, who’s going to the show tonight in GR? I still haven’t heard any of his music but it seems that he enjoys a nice punch in the face. Let’s form a sub-culture of GloNo where we go to crappy shows with the sole purpose of taking a cheap shot at the performer. I haven’t seen a “rock star” get punched since a friend of mine thought he could take Henry Rollins. On a sidenote, I would like to emphasize, again, that I was not asking about Scotty’s girlfriend for my own interest. It was for “a friend”.

  20. Leah,I hear ya. I’m not saying that I decide what is art and waht isn’t. I do take issue when people take seemingly trivial things (partying, for instance) too seriously. Again, Andrew WK doesn’t even do it with creativity. At least when the Beastie Boys were rallying everyone to “Fight For Your Right To Party” it was mixing musical elements in a new way.

  21. Judge for yourself:Party HardWhen it’s time to party we will party hardYou,You work all night (all night)And when you work you don’t feel all rightAnd we,We can’t stop feeling all right (all right)And everything is all right’Cos we will never listen to your rules (no)We will never do what others doDo what we want and we get it from youDo what we like and we like what we doSo let’s get a party going (let’s get a party going)Now it’s time to party and we’ll party hard (party hard)Let’s get a party going (let’s get a party going)When it’s time to party we will always party hardParty hard (party hard, party hard, party hard…)All rightYou,You break the thingAnd when you play you feel all rightBut we,We can’t stop feeling all right (all right)And everything is all right’Cos we will never listen to your rules (no)We will never do what others doKnow what we want and we get it from youWe do what we like and we like what we doSo let’s get a party going (let’s get a party going)Now it’s time to party and we’ll party hard (party hard)Let’s get a party going (let’s get a party going)When it’s time to party we will always party hardParty hard (party hard, party hard, party hard…)

  22. D,I am hearing what you say. I believe that Andrews message to be that partying is a time to let everything down to let go and relax, everyone has this right. It does not mean for everyone to be dead drunk in the end. If your stupid enough to party till you have to lay on the lawn holding on to keep the world from spinning, plain and simple that is your right to do so. As well it is your right to stop when you want. Its all about freedom of choice…. simple message

  23. Leah,I can dig that message, I just question whether Andrew’s approach merits the tag of “art.” That’s really my whole issue. I think he, and many of his fans, take it all a little too seriously. Know what I mean?Legalize Freedom–popular Hell’s Angels bumper sticker.

  24. Allright, I think WK or whatever his name is is full of shit. gotta agree with derek here, it’s not art. doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with it, doesn’t have to be art for someone to like it, but it’s just so beyond trivial…all of this is, can’t believe I’m even contributing, this whole conversation is crap. And I DO DECIDE WHAT IS ART. fuck it.

  25. Derek, chill-out man. I haven’t been called ‘elitist’ since 830am this morning!My frustration with white trash metal comes from experience. I am from a long proud line of white trash. I just find this stuff unoriginal and boring.

  26. FYI: the above comment from Scotty5000 starting with “Gee, I am gay in the head” was actually posted from the same IP address as the comment from Morgan Perlis [[email protected]]. I think it’s safe to assume that Scotty and Morgan are not sharing a computer; therefore, the comment is actually from Morgan Perlis and not Scotty5000. Just so you know…

  27. What if Morgan Perlis is really this Andrew cat? If it really is you Morgan, we take it all back! Can we get backstage passes? You are an artist in the most elite sense of the word. Just let all of us party with you!! Please, just once. I need to get laid!

  28. The simple point is anything that is a creation is art. Like it or not. Scribbles from a 5 year old are art (just try to tell them otherwise). Same as when my 8 year old gets on her drum kit. She says she is writting songs she thinks its art. Her choice not mine (I wold not tell her otherwise on this as well. As she says its still art. Art is a creation. Nothing more nothing less. We all have different taste.

  29. Could Morgan Perlis be my “Newman”, my “Rosebud”, my “White Whale”.urrrgh! Gross!Anyway, I’d go see this guy play at the Intersection if I didn’t have to pay the cover.

  30. What’s going on is we’re seeing new people get involved with the site. Even if some of us don’t necessarily agree with everything they say or how they say it, I think it’s refreshing for new voices to be heard! PARTY!

  31. Leah,Good point. And it goes back to an argument we had a while ago. What is the value of criticism? The simple answer is that criticism justifies and legitimizes art. We could go round and round about what is art but I’m glad you replied with a smart post.

  32. Even if it’s not art, the guitar parts in “Party Hard” are pretty good and you can’t really hear the lyrics — rock on WK! we’re being opened minded, here…

  33. Even if it’s not art, the guitar parts in “Party Hard” are pretty good and you can’t really hear the lyrics — rock on WK! we’re being opened minded, here…

  34. I’m really gonna get toasted on this one, but I can’t go along with the notion that anyone who makes an unintelligent noise is making art. Kids finger painting are just kids finger painting. An idiot banging on a drum isn’t necessariy producing ‘art’. While some people find that point of view to be democratic, a liberation of art from art snobs, I find it destructive to artistic expression. I’m not saying that I’m all that great a critic of what exactly is and isn’t art, only that lumping random doodles into the same basket as deliberate and ernest artistic experession only leads to a dumbing down of art in general. Hence the proliferation of country craft fleamarkets where every suburban fat-lady-bending-over-lawn-decoration-maker is an “artist”, or the countless new age inspired trinket shops filled with hand made tie died Dead Head shirts, or every other horrible wedding band fronted by some dude who really “feels” what Eddie was thinking when he does that Pearl Jam cover.Can any idiot create art? In my opinion the answer is No. If I picked up a guitar and started pounding away at it, all I’d be doing is mimicking and butchering the sad amount of musical understanding buried in my noggen. Can this Andrew guy create art. My gut reaction is No as well. He might well be accomplished in bad taste, but I wouldn’t insult the art community by calling the guy an artist.

  35. well, i for one will not even descend into the arena of calling the music art or not. though, i will have to admit that he does garner a reaction out of most people… the posts on this message board being case in point. so, music withstanding, there is a sort of social commentary that is aroused through the inane lyrics that he’s brought to all of us in the song. and the lasting impression of our reaction to such a trival piece of pop culture in itself a great accomplishment, be it a fluke or not. and at this point in civilization there’s little out there that can be called art. true art influences, challenges, and allows us to question the world around us. will a call to arms to party hard do this? of course not. did loverboy do it with “working for the weekend”, or the beastie boys with “fight for your right to party”, or twisted sister with “we’re not going to take it”. not at all. of course, they are songs we know, and even if we don’t want to admit it, for the most part sort of love. we know all the words, we secretly sing along to them in our cars when no one is looking. so, here’s another decade and another song about partying. god bless it. my only question is when did we start taking ourselves so seriously. there isn’t enough dumb songs out there to just let loose and truly dig for just being sugar sweet and stupid. i hope adrew wk or someone just like him gets to keep making the dopey music he does, becuase i want the chance to drive around singing to something fun and stupid and not try to pose as some pretenious snob that knows what really makes a song more important than another song.

  36. is it art? subjective, so congradulations everyone, you’re all right. but inasmuch as the success of something that purports to be art is to get some sort of reaction, good or bad, from an audience …well this message board speaks for that better than any example i can give. of all the topics currently on the main page of ‘gloriousnoise’, none is so active as this one. the defense rests.

  37. Dude, did the author of this also hate the Ramones for all those same reasons? Yeesh, if you ever, ever describe something as post-modern, you’ve got problems.

  38. guido sweet words…. I agree its fun upbeat and makes you want to get up and Rock. On April 13th AWK will be on Saturday Night Live check out what its all about…

  39. Oh lord, I didn’t read down far enough… “is it art” coversation?! I flee from this site! Mental note, avoid this “Glorious Noise” thing forevermore! There’s a reason I didn’t go to grad school.Parting shot: Andrew never used the word art, ever. And I’d rather hear a band of 5-year-olds banging drums than any band mentioned above. Art sucks.

  40. I don’t think anyone claimed this guy was calling his product “art”. But the question “what is art” was brought up earlier in this thread of messages. I was responding to that. I would simply classify him as an unoriginal, lame entertainer.As far as the Ramones are concerned, I can only again bring up the importance of context. What they did in the 70s was an original take on the three chord, 2.5 minute garage rock/pop song. Riding along with the punk scene really put them in a league all their own. But that was nearly 30 years ago and this is today. In fact, I’d leave the Ramones out of this all together and just call the guy a poser for making crapy metal that was done better 20 and 30 years ago by bands like Kiss. Give me Kiss Alive II and forget all the cheap immitations!!PeaceScotty

  41. well after reading all these posts, I must say I believe Leah to be the most well spoken and informed commentator. I do enjoy art in all its forms, I spend Saturdays at the Art Museum, I make my husband go to the theater at least once a month, I also enjoy the symphony but I also enjoy AWK in concert. The lyrics may not be that provacative but somethings are just meant to be fun. AWK is talented whether you like him or not. I would challenge anyone of you to write songs, including lyrics, keyboard, guitar and drums, and see what you come up with.As far as comparing him to bands from 20-30 years ago…these complaints are not withstanding. Every artform from music to clothing goes through phases where it fades out for a while and then comes back. I personally never listened to RNR until 2 years ago. (I was your typical little sheltered pop-princess). You can swear by Ramones or Kiss all you want but what have they done lately. I never hear them played on the radio. I know I am in the minority in this group but there are plenty of people like me for whom AWK is a breath of new and fresh air.

  42. I do recall Kiss touring, however I am not really into the whole reunion thing especially when I didn’t know of them before.

  43. As much as I love Kiss’s older albums (70s stuff), I think they should have hung it up before they ever took their makeup off. Sometimes bands just don’t know when to quit. Not unlike the Rolling Stones.As much as I love the Ramones, Their cataloge of songs really becomes an experience in repetition once you’ve listened to more than a few of their albums. They recorded hundreds of songs over three decades. In their heyday, however, they were a hell of an influence on the music scene. For many bands like these two, I like to remember them when they were at the top, and not just doing reunion concerts that expose how their voices and hairlines are failing.

  44. Some people can’t have fun, and that means YOU.. Do you like parties? Do you like to have fun? And here’s some goddamn points:1. Last good Ramones album: “Road to Ruin”, and that has a few shoddy moments.2. Kiss is NOT the “real thing”. still, I like Kiss very much.3. There is no “real thing.” 4. If there was, it would be Andrew.5. By even mentioning art and AWK in the same breath just furthers me to teach art to elem. kids so they don’t turn into shitheads.6. 5 year olds banging on drums is better than just about any fucking band i can think of.7. I get wet when i know that you’re dying. I get wet without even trying.

  45. oh and…there is no way you are getting laid. as for me, my girl is wearing her “I Get Wet” shirt as i type this.

  46. Seriously, if this is Andrew WK posting, come clean. You’ll get alot more cred for your posts if you’d just own up to the fact that you’re out here trying to gain some respect for your party tunes.We’d probably even start censoring our jokes about your music if we knew you were reading.

  47. No we wouldn’t.Again, I think what rubs those of us who are dogging AWK is the fact the HE takes himself so seriously. C’mon, how many times have you read that he spent $200,000 on recording to “capture” his sound? What!? Mutt Lang did it for a lot less and a lot better on Pyromania. Fuck off…

  48. Zombi, dude! I like ta party down, man. Just ask the dudes in here. they know me. I’m a graduate of Mullets Club for Men. As far as your old lady’s t-shirt goes, that’s a reference to me, man!Yeah….and Kiss rocks.”I wanna rock n roll all night…and party every day”Shout out ta my man Prop!Peace, dude!

  49. I’m channeling spirits. Sometimes they say whatever the fuck they want.Also, just so this maintains the topic. . .”Andrew WK will die a martyr.” That comes from the ghost of Randy Rhodes.

  50. Perhaps Andrew really is Dave Grohl? And doesn’t he remind you a bit of the the Great Darryl Nathan?

  51. Watching the Great Darryl Nathan is the single shining thing that I miss most about Grand Rapids. Now, THERE’S a genius, making simplistic music without pretense.

  52. Indeed! Long live The Great Darryl Nathan. Gad damn, I forgot about him entirely. “Entertainment tonight. Tonight, entertainment!” THAT is the truth!

  53. mullet jokes are so not funny anymore,obituary, and almost all death metal, is far better than the fucking clash, the fact that so much has been posted about him just goes to show how fucking important he is and will be,and “scottytheoneandonly” is such a fucking lame’re just a parasite now close your eyes and say goodnight. you better get ready to die.

  54. You are all carrying rather interesting thoughts and ideas. That is the one thing we can all take to our grave our own opinions. Its all just about who we are and what we stand for…. What do you like? ….me its easy music as well as art in many forms. This is life enjoy the ride we only have one trip…Just remember the most important things in life….to let the sun kiss your face …the wind caress your hair…make sure you watch that butterfly flutter in the garden… the most precious to hear the laughter of a child…. and dance to our own beat…

  55. I definitely understand what you are saying, Leah, about appreciation of Andrew W.K. being different for each person. And I appreciate someone taking the positivity out of Andrew W.K.’s music and having a good rocking time. I see a great deal of real positivity in Andrew W.K.’s music. I truly believe he believes what he is saying on his web site, that his music is intended as a triumphant, positive blast that is meant to build you up, not bring you down… However, at the same time, there is something least common denominator about the music, something like a cheap appeal, something that makes it feel inauthentic and manufactured and marketed toward me and boding ill will toward me. It’s weird, with this guy, what he’s trying to give you is more than music, and I don’t know that you can pull that off through the mass marketed sound and video mediums on which he presents himself. You can’t really tell if it’s all a marketing scheme or not. I agree with Sab or Phil that there’s some kind of messiah thing going on with Andrew W.K., and it is kind of hard to watch because you know he won’t accomplish what he seems to want to accomplish. This message board- the two-way medium of reading AND contributing, will accomplish more than Andrew W.K. could ever hope. Thanks for the musical bear hug Andrew W.K., good luck.

  56. Curt….dude… are one sade little kid.Tell me something. When I get “ready to die,” will YOU be the last thing I see? Or will it be your old lady? Death threats on the internet! How original. It’s funny that Andrew WK seems to bring out the River’s Edge crowd.Get the reference, man? Tell me, are you the Matt type or the Layne character? Cause at least Crispin Glover had better lines than that! I’m yawning now……

  57. It must have been a subconscience slip on my part. With all this back yard wrestling soundtrack music being thrown around, I just want to get back to some smooth jazz and easy listening.

  58. Straight up – smooth! I just wish there was a place I could go and let my mind drift away to the sound of smooth jazz and let life’s little troubles escape while I enjoy a nice beer…

  59. Andrew W.K. is awesome and all you who deny his greatness are pathetic excuses for humans! WE WILL NEVER LSITEN TO YOU, YOU MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!!!!!

  60. woah there spanky, the sentiment is appreciated, but your banter lacks a little refinement. best stick to the x-box, overdosing on your flinstones chewables, while you rock out with andrew wk and let these folks be. who knows how they may take another one of your witty little diatribes.

  61. You know what, Andrew W.K. is fucking awesome, he doesn’t mean any ill will to anybody, he fucking rocks, and it’s amazing to me how when Andrew W.K. brings his music to the table, people a) assume it’s a postmodern statement that is MAKING FUN of metal, or in other words, assume the worst about Andrew, and b) playahate Andrew based on his looks and attitude. “Don’t punch me in the face and tell me I like it?” Hey man, don’t listen. He’s not up there saying, “I rock”, he’s up there saying, “Let’s have a party.” He’s inviting you to a party. Seriously, if the earnestness in the attitude and music frighten you, just admit that you don’t know what to make of it, and don’t hate all over it.

  62. Ryan, My comments about WK’s odd bent on party metal come mostly from interviews I’ve read with him, where he makes statements like the following (from “I like things to be strong because I feel that other people can derive strength from that themselves. And I try to reflect that strength, and purity, truth and passion for what we are doing in everything you see and hear. How it’s not a fucking joke and that what we mean is very serious to us.” No one needs a Party Metal messiah. Music to drink, fuck, and party to needs no matrix supporting it other than its very Rocking-ness. When I read quotes like the above, and watch his over-the-top, somehow antiseptic live show, I can’t help but think that WK is trying to get away with something. I feel that he is recycling riffs and words into a stew of pumping anthems that might pass for an Anthrax tribute to Def Leppard’s “Hysteria” if it werent for this earnestness that he has grafted onto his presence. Something’s rotten, and I just don’t buy it. So I won’t. But you might. And that’s okay.

  63. Ryan, I play two simple roles in this comment battle arena. First, I intend to insult Scotty5000 at every opportunity I get because I like the guy and that’s just seems to be the prurient thing to do. Second, the role of antagonist seems fitting for me. I take enjoyment in my lame attempts to rile up fellow comment posters.As far as Andrew WK, I listened to his disc, thought it pure rubbish and then proceeded to ignore everything written about him in magazines because I was entirely disinterested in anything pertaining to his crappy music. The only reason I read Johnny’s article about him is because I tend to garner some enjoyment from all of the articles on this site whether I like the band or not.

  64. Why does this guy get any attention at all, especially with product as unoriginal and lame as his? Beats me, but one thing is for sure, when you go around running off at the mouth, leaving a trail of pseudo-music-philosophy-idiot-babble in your wake, it’s only a matter of time before someone starts calling you out for it. This guy has plenty of BS out there to be called out on. If you’re going to talk the talk you sure as hell better walk the walk. AWK does neither well. This reminds me of some of the cookie cutter corporate hip hop guys out there. They toss out one forgettable single filled with bombastic references to their criminal and sexual greatness, then fade into obscurity once the single’s off the charts. A year later we find that they are from a middle class backround, very far from any criminal lifestyle, and that they like to urinate on children. What’s even more funny is when fans try to justify crappy music. Going onto a web site where people offer music criticism, then telling the critics not to listen if they don’t like it, just seems like a weird arguement. It would seem just as logical to say that if you don’t like the criticism, don’t post follow-ups to the criticism.But then again, talk is cheap. And there ain’t much cheaper than AWK’s right now.

  65. Scotty, your point would be well taken, if Andrew W.K’s songs were about how “cool” he was. No where ever has he said that he’s “hardcore” or that he’s got “street cred”. You says he needs to “walk the walk” if he “talks the talk”. Have you ever read any interview of him?!? True, Island Music is making a lot of bullshit “rock god” claims on his behalf, but that’s not AWK himself. You seem to think he’s trying to be something he’s not, but he’s not trying to be anything. Just because he tries to explain the lyrics in his songs in a way thats not “yeah! FUCK YEAH!” you think he’s full of BS. I think you’re full of BS because your argument is BS. He’s not trying to put anything more into his music then his actual intent of the songs, and if you can’t accept the actual musicians view on his own songs, then you are fucking pathetic. Which you are.

  66. I think anyone who looks to rock as “art,” period missed the boat. Rock wasn’t invented to culture people, it was here to be fun and stupid, even in its roots with Chuck Berry and Elvis. That’s when I see people who take themselves too seriously like Maynard and Trent Reznor, I’m reminded of how some people need a swift kick in the ass. Andrew is here to save rock and roll, even if he IS too dumb to realize it.

  67. I have a CRAZY, CRAZY idea. Some of you might not be able to handle it, but do your best!! It goes like this…IF YOU DO NOT LIKE SOMETHING, REFRAIN FROM TELLING PEOPLE WHO DO LIKE IT THAT IT SUCKS. As much as some of you may think that AWK sucks, and that the music you like is “better”, AWK fans feel the same about what you listen to. People have different opinions, and when you try to show everyone how educated you are about music, and what is “art” or what is not, you just make yourself look like an idiot. Maybe the other fucks in their Buddy Holly glasses and tight little sweaters from Goodwill will listen to you at the Death Cab for Cutie show, but anyone who really cares about AWK or good rock music in general really doesn’t care what you have to say.

  68. While we’re at it, let’s just never say anything less than pleasant again. If you don’t like your meal at a restaurant, shut up and eat it. If you’re girlfriend is getting on your nerves, smile and tell her that you love. If there’s something on the radio that is crap, turn it up and bob your head. Be afraid, be very afraid. There’s an army of violoent young men standing in the shadows, waiting to beat you up for insulting their refurbished KISS bands. Let’s keep our mouths shut. . .

  69. Prop, you completely took what I said the wrong way. You all are making it seem like you are being held at gunpoint to go to an AWK show or listen to him on the radio. If you don’t like his music, don’t buy the CD, don’t go to the show, or change the station on the radio. But the whole attitude of “I don’t like something you do, so therefore it’s shit” is just stupid. People like different things. There’s no reason to insult them or what they like.

  70. I think your point was lost in the jumble of this comment “the other fucks in their Buddy Holly glasses and tight little sweaters”.The discussion began as a negative review of his show. It wasn’t an insult, it was an opinion. The majority of the posts in this discussion that had an insultive/bashing quality to them were ones from AWK supporters. If you like him, that’s great. I don’t, but I also don’t appreciate being called a fuck for it. By the way, I fucking love KISS.

  71. Jeesh, thanks. That makes it hard for me to write anything negative, though. Oh well, enjoy AWK.- Prop

  72. I guess you dorks,have nothing else to say but put other people down,just because to let

    people know that you are also putting yourself down.And that is pretty fucked up as it is,

    so if you don’t have anything nice to say.Don’t say anything at all,it makes you more annoying.When you put people down like that.

    All of you,you should learn how to SHUT THE FUCK UP.

    -Andrew’s True Fan

  73. wow you guys are full of hate for someone trying to spread goodness. he fucking rocks.

    search him on myspace and listen to the top track on the palyer


    “about Andrew WK music”

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