White Stripes Divorce Certificate

We told you it was coming, so here it is: Jack and Meg’s 2000 divorce certificate:

White Stripes Divorce Certificate

This whole thing has been pretty silly, and while it’s been fun getting one or two high-profile links, we hope some of you newbies will stick around while we get back to doing what we’ve been doing all along… If not, thanks anyway for stopping by!

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9 thoughts on “White Stripes Divorce Certificate”

  1. I feel silly adding to this, but it is funny. Why is this dude listed asGillis on his marriage license and White on his divorce papers? He tookhis wife’s name? That’s a first.

  2. they’er not husband and wife or ex they’er brother a sister. How in the fuck could they look so much alike and i aint talkin bout the hair!!!!

  3. I don’t see the big deal. So What if they are ex-husbeand and wife, or brother and sister. To me all that matters is the they are jack and meg white, The White Stripes, The coolest band around.And i think that’s all any one else should care about!

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