Terrible Twos: Happy Birthday to Us!

We live in a zoo. We look like a monkey. And we smell like one too.

Believe it or not, it’s been two years since we posted the first posts to Glorious Noise. Last year, we rang in our birthday with a redesign and a concert. This year, we’ll probably roll out a new design in bits in pieces over the next several months.

It’s been quite a year. We caused a bit of hoopla back in May when we dug out some public records and posted them online, Smoking Gun style. This got us mentioned in the NME, Ananova, and even E! Online. USA Today designated us a Hot Site and good, old Yahoo said we were New and Notable. Blogger called us a Blog of Note (and then a couple of weeks later we switched to a different content management system… doh!).

Then there was Ellen. A sub-site that took 15 minutes to develop ended up getting GLONO’s name in Wired, the LA Times, the New York Times, and once again, USA Today. Just silly. Not as silly as the copyright issues raised when we tried sell GLONO frisbees with Ellen’s face on them. NPR narked on us that time, those bastards!

Another cool thing is that it looks like we’re about to hit the 250,000 unique visits mark! But the coolest thing to happen to us was receiving permission from Pennie Smith to use her photo of Paul Simonon as the page background.

To celebrate all this stuff and our birthday, we’ve got a new contest. We’re going to give away a copy of Johnny Marr + the Healers’ new album autographed by the guitar anti-hero himself, Ringo’s boy, and the guy from Kula Shaker. All you’ve got to do to enter is add a comment to this article with the name of your favorite song Johnny Marr plays on, and why you like it. We’ll pick the one that we like the best, based on criteria we’ll make up as we go. (FYI: if you enter something in the URL field, your email addres will not show up on the website but it will be available to us behind the scenes so we can contact you. If you don’t have a URL, you can enter www.gloriousnoise.com.)

Stay tuned for news of the upcoming birthday party. It’ll probably be at a bar with a band. Because that’s what we do. You bring the cupcakes, we’ll bring the candles.

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9 thoughts on “Terrible Twos: Happy Birthday to Us!”

  1. Holy crap-two years already? GloNo just rolls on like a mighty…tugboat, or something.

    Favorite Johnny Marr song: It can only be the haunting How Soon Is Now?

  2. Two years? Are you guys potty trained yet?

    “How Soon Is Now?” because that guitar just seems to shimmer as it floats out of the speaker.

  3. happy birthday. its gotta be ” Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want” for my fav song marr appears on. 1min and 50secs of pure gold

  4. so many songs come to mind… “armegeddon days are here again” with the the, “getting away with it” with electonic, “(nothing but) flowers” with talking heads, “how soon is now” with the smiths… though my fave marr song showcasing his early sensibilities and eluding to the promise that he could be great if he shook off the confinement of working in a songwriting duo would have to be “draize train”.

    happy birthday jakey jake and the glono bunch!

    by the way, how’s the new johnny marr album? any review forthcoming?

  5. The happiest birthday to what is quickly becoming one of my favorite websites: Glorious Noise. It’s a dream of mine to eventually be knighted a GLONO Board Playa. Someday…

    My favorite Marr cut has got to be Kirsty MacColl’s cover of “You Just Haven’t Earned It Yet, Baby”. What a bonus!! I get to hear an amazing Smiths song WITHOUT Morrissey’s criminally annoying whine of a voice*. Instead, the lovely, late great Kirsty doing it proper tribute with her songbird voice and, of course, Johnny Marr’s skillfully intricate guitar work chiming in the mix.

    *which is why I totally dig the Love Spit Love version of “How Soon Is Now”. Same concept: great song, just hated Morrissey.

  6. Lots of great guitar work…yeah, “How Soon is Now?” is probably has the coolest guitar effects – but now even marketing execs for car companies think that which is why it should be demoted in “cool” status. Best guitar work is definitely “What Difference Does It Make?” which based on Smith’s songs that are actually questions, this one rocks. The opening guitar riff – Wow.

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