Aadam Jacobs, Chicago taper

A Chicago hero – “For two decades, Aadam Jacobs has been talking his way into about 15 gigs a month, setting up his microphones and deck and taping the performances for his private collection.”

“My passion is really to document something that’s otherwise not being documented,” he says. “It’s more a desire to collect and archive this stuff. I’ll make copies for the band if they ask for it, but a lot of the time I’ll listen to something once and put it away for good.”

4 thoughts on “Aadam Jacobs, Chicago taper”

  1. Ah. I came across this story in the dead tree version of the Reader… Sounds like my kind of guy – I sometimes feel like if I don’t get one of our shows on MD, it didn’t happen, haha.

  2. Yep, I’ve seen this guy always. It’s cool to know both his name AND his m.o. What I wouldn’t give to trawl through his archives…

    …and no, that’s not meant as a twisted sexual innuendo, you perverts!!! ;-)

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