Replacements Video from 1981

TwinTone has some classic live Replacements video from a show in September, 1981: “These clips are presented as they were recorded live… in set order and very much with the tuning that troubled the night.” Via Chromewaves.

One thought on “Replacements Video from 1981”

  1. These are amazing videos. First, the band appears to be relatively sober. Then, they’re incredibly clean-cut. Paul and Tommy have short little haircuts they would never sport again. Even Bob looks almost preppy in a buttoned plaid shirt. And the band is all business — no self-deprecation, just straight-ahead speed and energy. For anyone who saw them later in their career, these videos are a revelation. The Replacements look like Boy Scouts and play like pure punks. It makes you all proud, like a fond mother (me anyway).

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