Neil Young – Ordinary People

MP3: Neil Young – “Ordinary People” from Chrome Dreams II, out October 16 on Warner/Reprise.

It’s 18 minutes long, was originally recorded in 1988, features horns, and contains lyrics on the verge of condescension. And yet… it’s awesome. Even the trumpet solo sounds like Crazy Horse.

If you’re interested in some classic old school Neil, That Truncheon Thing is offering a bootleg of the original, scrapped Chrome Dreams album, with period bonus tracks. Required listening.

MP3 courtesy of Rolling Stone.

7 thoughts on “Neil Young – Ordinary People”

  1. “Ordinary people / But the dollar is what it’s all about / Lee Iaccoca people / But the customers are walking out / And nose to stone people people / They look but they just don’t buy / The patchy ground people”

    This was an awesome, creative period for Neil. Dark, angry stuff, with horns. So glad to see this coming out, and the downloadable treats at Truncheon

  2. Thanks for the song. It is very enjoyable. I’m sure to pick this album up.

    I have 5 minutes left on my first listen. I expect to replay it again.

  3. Apparently, Neil’s interest in ordinary people doesn’t extend to concert ticket prices

    Never mind $257 for the best seats in L.A., you’ve got to pay $132 in PORTLAND! I guess they’re richer in Seattle, with all that Microsoft money, because there the price is $157. Or if you’re really lucky, you live in Denver, where you get a break, the most expensive ducat is $104. BEFORE THE TICKETMASTER FEE!

  4. there is supposed to be an even better live version from 1988 in wantaugh ny, but it’s not to be found yet on the net, can’t even find the crystal cat release…sigh…

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