Runaways Movie Planned: Neon Angels

Variety: Runaways head to the bigscreen. “Neon Angels” will tell the story of the ’70s all-girl, teenage band that was created by producer Kim Fowley and included members Joan Jett, Cherie Currie and the late Sandy West.

The Runaways

“We certainly utilized to our advantage our image as teenage girls who wore titillating clothes,” Jett told Daily Variety. “But we also became an excellent band and made it OK for girls to play rock ‘n’ roll. It got hard once people focused more on what we were wearing than what we were playing.”

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  1. I shot video of Sandy West and Cherie Curry performing CHERRY BOMB and a few othr songs with the houseband at Don Hill’s in 2001.

    I had no idea how influential THE RUNAWAYS were until a few years later.

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