Still (Occasionally) Having Fun with Forkast

Anybody else notice that Forkast has recently become skimpier with the mp3s? They’ve been pointing to a lot more imeem streams than mp3 downloads.

Maybe that’s fine. I rarely keep free mp3s from the web; I play them once or twice, and if I really like it I’ll either buy or download the album. Unless it’s something that I know I’m only going to like the single, like “Crazy” or “Ring the Alarm” or “Young Folks.” So maybe streaming is okay as long as we’re always on the internet (which we are).

Anyway, some recent good stuff from Forkast after the jump…

Jape – “Floating” from The Monkeys At the Zoo Have More Fun Than Me, out now on Trust Me I’m a Thief. The Raconteurs covered this song in concert. [fr0k]

Black Moth Super Rainbow – “Sun Lips” from Dandelion Gun, out tomorrow on Graveface. [fr0k]

Nick Drake – “Blues Run the Game” from Family Tree, out June 19 on Tsunami LG/Fontana. [fr0k]

Forkast Soul Dept.

Pieces of Peace – “Pass It On Part 1” from Eccentric Soul: Twinight’s Lunar Rotation out now on Numero Group. [fr0k]

Nate Evans – “Pardon My Innocent Heart” from Eccentric Soul: Twinight’s Lunar Rotation out now on Numero Group. [fr0k]

Annette Poindexter – “Mama” from Eccentric Soul: Twinight’s Lunar Rotation out now on Numero Group. [fr0k]

Betty Davis – “Anti Love Song” from Betty Davis, out now on Light in the Attic. [fr0k]

Betty Davis – “He Was a Big Freak” from They Say I’m Different, out now on Light in the Attic. [fr0k]

Embeddable Stream Dept.

• Arcade Fire – “Broken Window” from “Keep the Car Running,” out now on Merge. [fr0k]

• Arctic Monkeys: “Do Me a Favour” from Favourite Worst Nightmare, out now on Domino. [fr0k]

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4 thoughts on “Still (Occasionally) Having Fun with Forkast”

  1. Gotta say one thing about your comment that you know you’ll only like the single for “Young Folks” – PBJ’s album has way more depth that that song would have you believe. Lots of great pop but a number of more cerebral bits too. You might not wanna sleep on that one!

  2. Thanks for the tip, pgwp. Historically, I’ve been terrible in determining who is and who is not a one hit wonder. I was convinced that there couldn’t possibly be more to Weezer than “Buddy Holly” until Jolie brought home the album and forced me to listen to it. “No One Else” won me over, and a couple of years later Pinkerton became one of my favorite albums of all time.

  3. Jake, I was heading here to tell you the exact same thing. That PB&J album is really quite good. I actually like “Amsterdam” much more than “Young Folks.”

  4. I was just searching the net to see if I could find anything about the band my dad was in Pieces Of Peace and here I am. He was the guitarist John Bishop. There’s not alot out there about him but im glad to see that people still listen them.

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