Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo on Asian Women

Goddamn you half-Japanese girls...On Rivers Cuomo’s MySpace blog, he keeps a running tally of his disagreements over published articles about himself and his band, Weezer: Clarifications, Corrections, and Supplemental Materials. Right now, he’s taking issue with Wikipedia’s Rivers Cuomo entry and its claim regarding his “affinity for Asian women.” Apparently, he doesn’t fully understand that Wikipedia is composed of user-created (and edited) content, which means that he is able to make corrections himself as opposed to asking others to do it for him.

Clarifications, Corrections, and Supplemental Materials

Wikipedia.org: Could we please lose the bit about my supposed “affinity for Asian women”? It’s wrong in so many ways:

“Has a well-publicized affinity for Asian women.” Really? I can only think of a few articles out of hundreds that have made that claim.

“This can be heard in his music.” Only a small minority of my songs are about Asian women. Let’s break it down:


• Perfect situation
• Across the sea
• Buddy holly


• Falling for you
• El scorcho
• Butterfly
• O girlfriend
• devotion


• Why bother
• Suzanne
• Jamie
• Beverly Hills
• Getchoo
• No other one
• No one else
• Waiting on you
• Mykel and carli


• Pink triangle
• The world has turned and left me here
• Thief, you’ve taken all the was me

5 Caucasians and 1 Persian:

• Tired of sex

So, out of the roughly 60 songs we’ve released, only three are about Asian women. I would say that proves not very much.

“In interviews (usually when asked what celebrity he finds good looking, he has responded with Michelle Kwan and Zhang Ziyi)” Really? I believe I actually gave each of those answers just once. That does not qualify as “usually”. Moreover, what about the times I’ve answered with the names of women that are non-Asian such as the Caucasian Maria Bartiromo? Or when I revealed that the one fan letter I’ve written in my life was to Caucasian Kari Wuhrer?

“And in music videos (the “Dope Nose” video features a Japanese motorcycle gang with many female members).” I had nothing to do with the concept, treatment, or casting of this video. If it reflects anyone’s affinities, it’s the director’s, not mine.

“Pinkerton” is also a slang term for a person specifically attracted to Asians.” This is news to me. Can anyone supply any documentation for this? Even if it’s true, I wasn’t aware of it when I came up with the title. I was thinking of the character in Puccini’s opera, Madame Butterfly, who, by the way, was not “specifically attracted to Asians,” if his abandonment of Cio-Cio San for a “real wife”, Caucasian Kate, is any indication.

In any case, I’m married now, so please, let’s take it down. I only have an affinity for my wife. And, yes, she happens to be Asian. That doesn’t prove anything.

The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

By the time this was published, a Wikipedia user had already corrected the entry per Cuomo’s suggestions.

11 thoughts on “Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo on Asian Women”

  1. As Douglas Coupland said,

    “I just realised that many of us now exist in a secondary fashion, a meta-fashion, thanks to the internet, and the second you is related to but isn’t quite you. … If I put my own name into Google or Yahoo, I will discover that a kind of meta-Doug exists. I exist in there, my name, but it’s not me: it’s a mix of truths, half-truths, nonsense, misunderstanding, rumour, misinterpretation. But the thing is that Meta-Doug is going to exist for a lot longer than the real one is in this world. Once I’m gone, this other me is going to keep on going on the net, cut and pasted and repeated: in the future we will all exist there, in this flawed afterlife.”

  2. i believe it is the phrase, “god damn you half japanese girls.. do it for me EVERY TIME” that alienates your female fan base. i think it’s wrong to only like one type.. shows that you are looking at the surface more than below. i feel the same way about that song as i do about the “california girls” song. i don’t know if that’s the absolute title, but annoying and demeaning just the same. Of course a guy would think it’s a stupid thing to get upset over. Men are not exploited and judged on appearance in the face of half naked billboards and ads everywhere you go. thanks.

  3. hehe
    i am giddy over the intellect & sideways humor…blatant + simple = perfect ‘celebrity.’
    and that’s a compliment bc to me, celebrity is the fake hollywood hyped up airbrushed superficial wasteful vapid bullchit (clean!) that sucks in the masses.
    kudos to cuomo(s) refreshing approach to __________.
    he has an elevated spirit, knowing, understanding and talent. so very creative & pure with it by sharing it with his fellow eccentric; yulp following the pied piper … pretty sounds & melodies (:<
    i'm still aglow from the healing his lyrical genius has on me; cliche but hey touché.
    the riffs keep me going & help me focus my emotions so they're recognized so's i can move on.
    i'm totally "asian," too. pacific islander if u wanna be specific. half filipino-half cauc— if u want me to rub it in.
    so not offended; oh so amused !
    i heart brain power.


  4. “Only 3 songs out of 60…I only have an affinity for my wife. And, yes, she happens to be Asian.” We get it, you like asian girls much more.

  5. I remember once reading a story where he was quoted as saying the Michelle Kwan was the most beautiful woman in the world. WTF dude?! You have a fetish for Asian women. Just admit or shut the fuck up.

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