Neil Aspinall, Dead at 66

Neil Aspinall (left) talks to Beatles Paul McCartney and John Lennon. Photograph: Robert Whitaker/Hulton archive

Official Beatles biographer Hunter Davies, author of 1968’s The Beatles, laments the fact that Neil Aspinall takes his secrets to the grave:

Neil was totally loyal and faithful to them – and yet not at all starstruck. He was more than aware of their foibles, greed, stupidities, unreasonableness, would readily slag them off. It was clear he was part of the family, so while moaning, as all family members do, he would never betray their secrets.

Rest in peace.

4 thoughts on “Neil Aspinall, Dead at 66”

  1. Have to agree, D. Skinny pants and ties and Beatle boots have always been where it’s at. I’m disappointed cuz I just put a big hole in the britches of my reto Boss suit I found in a used-clothes store for 20 euros.

    Yes, I have CPDD – compulsory price-disclosure disorder.

  2. Lep,

    A good tailor could probably fix that hole, especially if you have any extra fabric in the jacket somewhere.

    Last summer I went on a vintage suit binge on eBay and snappped up four tasty pieces. Of course, I rarely have occasion to wear them (without sticking out like a sore, but well dressed, thumb).

    Bill Maher ocassionally laments the casualization” of America. The fact that Americans seem to only strive for less and less formality. I do not miss the formality of work relationships but certainly miss the style. It’s one reason why I am obsessed with AMC’s MadMen. Awesome show with awesomer clothes!

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