Steve Perry Really Loves Journey Fans

Journey Hollywood Walk of FameGQ‘s Alex Pappademas offers highlights of his two-hour, 11,000 word interview with the former lead singer of Journey. Foolish, Foolish Throat: A Q&A with Steve Perry:

I live just above San Diego, in Del Mar. And occasionally when I get up to Los Angeles, sometimes I’ll go out on the weekend, and some of these clubs, man—this new generation in the clubs, man, they’re playing this song, and when it comes on they’re screaming it out to each other. The girls are screaming “Just a small-town girl.” They’re screaming it at clubs. Do you have any idea what that feels like? In my lifetime, to see another generation embrace this? As I said in the beginning with you, there’s something reverent about that, to me. And I only wish to protect it, because it means something to them, like it means something to me. I don’t wanna see that get damaged. I really don’t. And I just love to see them love it so much. It just completely slays me. I would have never—I would have never thought that was gonna happen. I mean, who knew?

The whole, huge interview is pretty great. And Pappademas even follows up with Neal Schon. Definitely worth reading. If you need further proof that it’s a great interview, check out Perry’s story about spying on fans checking out Journey’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Perry admits he checks in on Journey’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame when he’s in town:

I think I’m gonna go by with some brass cleaner one of these days, make sure it looks nice. One time, I went there—there used to be a coffee shop right in front of it, and I was having coffee, watching people. And these two girls were there with a friend. They were of the generation we were speaking of earlier, that newer generation of fans. And they laid down on each side of it and tried to pull sexy poses with the star. And their friend was kind of hovering over them with a camera. And I ran out of the coffee shop and said, “I gotta get in on this.” [laughs] She looked up, her eyes got like saucers. And I said, “Come on, we gotta take a picture.” And I laid down, and I said, “Aww, girls, this is too sexy.” So we took a picture laying down on the sidewalk, by the star. They love the band enough to lay down on the sidewalk? In front of all these people walkin’ around ’em and shit? I thought, “Okay. I’m layin’ down, too.” And that sidewalk’s not exactly clean.

How many artists would do that? And admit to it! Only the really, really cool ones. I never would have thought Steve Perry would be that cool.

Video: Journey – “Wheel In The Sky”

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14 thoughts on “Steve Perry Really Loves Journey Fans”

  1. Del Mar, eh? There’s no bays by Del Mar. There’s fairgrounds, an abandoned power station that they’ve turned into a reception hall, and an oppressive city government, but no bays.

  2. steve, if you’re out there reading messages, please come to pennsylvania for something……..the wachovia arena, the kirby center, montage mountain……..somewhere……please,please, please

  3. steve, if you read this I hope you come back someday and it would be a dream come true for me. Your music really helps me through my tough times and gives me the strengh to go on. you’re deeply loved steve.We love no matter or whatever you do,remember that.Love you very much,love caitlin urie

  4. steve, if you read this I hope you come back someday and it would be a dream come true for me. Your music really helps me through my tough times and gives me the strengh to go on. You’re deeply loved steve. We love you no matteror whatever you do,remember that. Love you very much. p.s I wish you love.Love your #1 fan caitlin urie.

  5. Hey Steve? You are the apple of my eye and the most passionate and caring person. I am so glad you came into my life and helped me get thru so many tough times.. you made me laugh, made me cry, and your spirit.. with your compassion. You are so loved and will always be with me. I will always have you wrapped around my heart. For over 30 yrs.. I have loved you and it just gets better every day. Thank you Steve. Love always.. Kim

  6. I heard your interview in feb.2010 you said you wrote some new songs and you might record them.please do we miss you.I new at it but I have a page on youtube my screen name is beanierene.please check it out sometime its all SREVE and STEVE WITH JOURNEY.If you do check it out leave a note so I know you were there.If you only knew how many miss you. Irene

  7. Hi Steve,

    You were so gracious to sign a poster I made up for you when you were on your solo tour here in SLC. I still have that posture with your autograph and I cherish it forever. You made a gal cry at the show, and you told her “don’t cry” in a good way…. she was so excited and emotional to see you and your band. it was an awesome show.

  8. Seems like one very, very neat, classy guy-passionate about his music, his fans, his craft. There are reports that he mentors and produces for young artists and collaborates with friends like David Pack without regard for being ‘the star’. Just wish he would release the new music. A mature, smoky voice would be as lovely at this stage as the high soaring notes were back in the 80’s. Just want to hear the progression as an artist. Carol King and James Taylor do it, Sade does it, Peter Wolf of J. Geils Band-come on Mr. P, your fans will adore whatever you choose to release. Just DO IT!

  9. Steve Perry if I’m in the Del Mar area of San Diego where can I accidently run into you HaHa. Just day dreaming.

  10. I think it’s funny how people think he’s reading this. lol I felt like I was/am his #1 fan as well. When i was 17, 18, 19, etc, he was a fantasy for me. I truly don’t know what it is about him. I saw him in concert with Bryan Adams in 1982, and it was like a dream come true..but there were thousands in that arena who felt the exact same way.

    I’m 48 years old now, and looking at him literally, absolutely turns me on big time! No one in real life has made me feel like that, at least not for very long. After THIRTY years he still does that to me. I find it so odd that someone I don’t even know is able to stir this sort of sexual fantasy in me. I mean SERIOUSLY turn me on instantaneously. Whatever ‘it’ is, he certainly has that power over me. Even at 63, he’s every bit as hot as he ever was to me.

    I’m not a celebrity worshiper. No actor, singer, public personality, etc has ever appealed to me other than ‘he’s nice looking’. I just find it interesting that someone I don’t know is able to do this to me. I’m intelligent and educated. I have bachelors degree and a master’s degree. I’m smart enough to know this is ridiculous. I had all of his albums, and then cassettes, and now acquiring cd’s. My children even know who he is. Oh well I’ve been listening to his music again, so I’m spending a lot of time fantasizing and experiencing that sexual excitement again. lol

  11. Steve to make a long story short. I went home after my wedding to pack my suitcase . And my sister was playing this incredible music. I asked her who was it and she said Journey. They sounded like no other. I happened to pick up the album and looked on the back cover and that’s where I saw you. The first thing that came out of my mouth was ” and I got married today”? It figures I never get a break. That was September 16th 1978. And you have been my teddy bear ever since then. Karen kitty katz

  12. When I first heard you sing, I was in love with the fact that I could understand every word you said. Kind of unusual in a rock band. I…like any other Journey fan believe you are The Voice, the One we have been searching for all our lives. I believe everyone who feels that way could make you happy. I could never sing. It took me more than 20 years to figure out my voice & carry a tune. My friends ask me to sing your songs often. You inspire me!!! Hit us up yo! @lillyputz

  13. It would be fantastic if Steve Perry reads these comments and decided to make himself more available to his fans. If he would only come out of hiding once in awhile, his fans would be ecstatic. But I guess hiding just adds to the mystic and makes him more and more “in demand.” Good PR?

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