The Beatles – Magical Mystery Tour [2009 Stereo Remaster]

The Beatles - Magical Mystery TourThe BeatlesMagical Mystery Tour [2009 Stereo Remaster] (EMI/Capitol)

The following is a conversation between two guys who’ve been yammering about music together for over 20 years. We no longer live a bike-ride away from each other, but fortunately technology allows us to still have virtual record parties. The third in a series. Previously: Pepper, Revolver.

[12:59] Phil: I haven’t done Help! yet

[13:00] Jake: i didn’t rip the official stereo one yet

[13:00] Jake: i just have the mono and the 1965 stereo mix from the mono cd

[13:00] Phil: what else you got then?

[13:00] Jake: magical mystery tour?

[13:01] Phil: Sure, that’s an album I almost never listen to. Could be fun

[13:01] Jake: yeah

[13:01] Phil: I am cued up

[13:01] Jake: go

Magical Mystery Tour

[13:01] Phil: OH!

[13:01] Jake: roll up roll up

[13:01] Phil: the horns sound good

[13:02] Phil: ok, more of the depth I’ve been loving

[13:02] Jake: john’s vocals.

[13:02] Jake: you can hear him roll his r’s

[13:02] Phil: yeah

[13:02] Jake: yep

[13:02] Phil: I dig that

[13:02] Jake: this is deep

[13:02] Phil: Oh man, John’s vox sound great

[13:02] Jake: space.

[13:02] Phil: the break down: that bass is the shit

[13:03] Jake: ringo!

[13:03] Jake: fucking a. he’s awesome

[13:03] Phil: oh yeah

[13:03] Phil: I really want to do a Ringo’s Best article

[13:03] Phil: he deserves it

[13:04] Phil: More stuff in the outro I’d never heard before

Fool on the Hill

[13:05] Phil: see, this album sounds great again

[13:05] Jake: yes

[13:05] Jake: recording tech?

[13:05] Phil: Yeah, I don’t know

[13:06] Phil: associated memory: Dubridge singing this (with his own made up lyrics) along with my cassette of Blue Album on the way to Granby

[13:06] Jake: i’ve never cared about this song, but it sounds good.

[13:06] Phil: It sounds great

[13:07] Phil: This song may make it back into my catalog

[13:07] Phil: the green acres “huff huff” noise in the right ear

[13:07] Phil: I love that


[13:07] Phil: This album is soo associated to me trying to get with Stephanie V.

[13:07] Jake: wow. that guitar sounds cool

[13:08] Phil: I like hearing the keys crack on that synth

[13:08] Jake: in speech class, i used this song as the background to a 30-second “ad” we had to write

[13:08] Phil: awesome

[13:09] Phil: in the Eiserloh tapes, this was the b-side of Pepper, no?

[13:09] Jake: oh yes

[13:09] Phil: I thought so

[13:09] Jake: of course it was!

[13:09] Jake: what else?

[13:09] Phil: forever coupled

[13:09] Jake: i’m still pissed that paperback writer and rain aren’t actually on revolver

[13:09] Phil: yes

[13:10] Jake: they were on the eiserloh tape

[13:10] Phil: oh!

[13:10] Jake: which is the official

[13:10] Phil: of course

[13:10] Phil: see, I would nominate him as a Beatles archivist

Blue Jay Way

[13:10] Jake: this is spooky

[13:10] Jake: THIS is psychedelic

[13:10] Phil: George is a spooky guy

[13:10] Jake: listen to that flanged whatever that is

[13:11] Jake: over there in my left ear

[13:11] Phil: yeah, flange on drums is creepy

[13:11] Phil: george’s vox through a leslie speaker

[13:11] Phil: scary

[13:12] Jake: oooh, the backwards stuff!

[13:12] Phil: yeah, I still love backwards masking

[13:12] Jake: this is not a very happy album

[13:13] Phil: I wish we still had that weird tape and book your mom gave you

[13:13] Jake: i have the book

[13:13] Jake: wish i had the tape

[13:13] Phil: and that f-ed up walkman

[13:13] Jake: “backmasking in rock and roll”

[13:13] Phil: if you have the book, see if you can ebay the tape

Your Mother Should Know

[13:13] Phil: sounds good

[13:14] Jake: the tape, if i recall, was called “hidden and satanic messages in rock and roll”

[13:14] Jake: the book was backmasking unmasked.

[13:14] Phil: awesome

[13:14] Phil: great titles

[13:14] Jake: again, paul with his dad issues

[13:14] Phil: yes

[13:14] Jake: like the organ

[13:14] Phil: yeah

[13:14] Phil: I like this dopey song

[13:15] Jake: yeah, me too

[13:15] Jake: sounds good, great melody

[13:15] Jake: the vox just got way louder

[13:16] Phil: yeah

I Am the Walrus

[13:16] Phil: the foundation of our friendship

[13:16] Phil: pay attention

[13:16] Jake: this was my favorite beatles song.

[13:16] Jake: when all i had was the blue album

[13:18] Jake: it just switched to mono

[13:19] Jake: i read about this

[13:19] Phil: so weird

[13:19] Jake: the effects were added during mastering, or some such shit

[13:19] Jake: they’re not on the two-track masters.

[13:19] Jake: or something

[13:19] Phil: granted, this is a very weird song but…

Hello Goodbye

[13:23] Phil: never been a fan of this song

[13:23] Phil: still not

[13:23] Phil: great drumming from Ringo though

[13:24] Jake: and i love the bg vocals

[13:24] Jake: “and you can stay til it’s time to go”

[13:24] Phil: I do love the outro

[13:24] Jake: oh yeah

[13:25] Jake: does the bass sound distorted to you?

[13:25] Jake: or is it my rip?

Strawberry Fields

[13:26] Jake: guitar sounds great.

[13:26] Jake: mellotron sounds warmer than ever

[13:26] Phil: yes

[13:26] Phil: again, more depth

[13:26] Phil: which I am loving

[13:26] Phil: and Ringo’s drums!

[13:26] Jake: the drums CRACK too

[13:26] Phil: can really hear the double-tracked drums

[13:26] Jake: that is a dope beat

[13:26] Phil: two drum parts

[13:26] Phil: I love it

[13:26] Jake: is that what it is?

[13:26] Phil: yes

[13:26] Jake: wow

[13:27] Jake: cool

[13:27] Phil: John’s vox get all slowed down and weird

[13:27] Phil: trippy

[13:28] Jake: yes

[13:29] Jake: fake ending

[13:29] Phil: trippy

[13:29] Phil: “Cranberry Sauce”

[13:29] Jake: i buried paul!

Penny Lane

[13:29] Phil: damn that bass ounds fat

[13:30] Jake: dad issue? or was paul just a nostalgic young man?

[13:30] Phil: both

[13:30] Phil: clearly

[13:30] Jake: for all their avant garde affectations, they sure embraced the retro

[13:30] Phil: but also clearly influenced by the show tunes and tin pan alley stuff his old man listened to

[13:31] Phil: it’s all over his stuff

[13:31] Jake: with their victorian blouses, et al.

[13:31] Phil: yes

[13:31] Phil: ha

[13:31] Jake: piano and horns

[13:31] Jake: ha

[13:31] Jake: never noticed that

Baby You’re a Rich Man

[13:33] Phil: another fave

[13:33] Jake: yes

[13:33] Jake: why are the drums so low in the mix? turn up RINGO

[13:33] Phil: yes

[13:34] Phil: John’s vox sound great though

[13:34] Jake: that guitar is cool too

[13:34] Jake: in your left ear

[13:35] Phil: and that weird synth

[13:35] Phil: that sounds like an oboe

[13:35] Phil: an oboe freak out

All You Need Is Love

[13:36] Jake: wow, this sounds fat

[13:36] Phil: yes

[13:36] Phil: big

[13:37] Phil: I like to think of Jagger sitting on the floor beaming at John

[13:37] Phil: hero worship from a Rolling Stone

[13:37] Phil: John was a king

[13:37] Jake: yep

[13:37] Jake: this sounds great

[13:37] Phil: yes

[13:39] Jake: again, john with the album closing big statement

[13:39] Phil: it’s his job

[13:40] Phil: he is always the final word (on these albums)

[13:40] Phil: that changes

[13:41] Phil: Ringo closes the White Album, but only after John obliterates the whole deal with Rev #9

[13:42] Phil: Paul’s song closes Let It Be but John tacks on the iconic statement with the “Passed the audition” line

[13:43] Phil: But then Paul gets the actual final word with the second side of Abbey Road

[13:43] Phil: interesting, ain’t it?

[13:44] Jake: totally

[13:45] Phil: Paul finally, ultimately gets the final word…and then John spends the next 5 years bashing him in the press and in songs

[13:46] Jake: the amount of anger in john is wild

[13:46] Phil: yeah, he had some rage

[13:46] Phil: Who knows if it’s true but I love the story of him beating the shit out of the guys who jumped Stu

[13:46] Phil: I can see it

[13:47] Jake: great story, regardless

[13:47] Phil: indeed

[13:47] Jake: it’s true, whether it’s factual or not

[13:47] Phil: ‘zactly

Video: The Beatles – “All You Need is Love”


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  1. I can’t stand reading these things. Can’t you guys figure out how to use Skype and record an actual conversation we can listen to?

  2. Smithereens, the image here comes from the EP, not the remastered CD.

    Sab, no way, I say “like” too much. And “y’know.” But you’d really prefer to spend 45 minutes listening to dudes listening to music? As opposed to spending 5 minutes reading it?

  3. Only do audio if you guys get really wasted first-that would be hilarious.

    Keep going – this is great stuff.

    Also: definitely do a ‘Ringo’s best’ article.

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