Busy Re-Listening to the Beatles

Beatlefest, 1988

Sorry to anybody who’s noticed a lack of posts today. We’re busy listening to the remastered Beatles albums. Mono and stereo. As someone who was a teenager just getting into the Beatles when the enormous wave of hype surrounding the initial release of the Beatles on Compact Disc sucked everybody into the digital world in 1987, this is an exciting time. Simply put, these new remasters blow those CDs out of the water. Digital mastering has come a long way in the past 22 years.

And jeez, we haven’t even opened up our copy of The Beatles: Rock Band yet…

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The Beatles: iTunes, Amazon, Insound, wiki.

7 thoughts on “Busy Re-Listening to the Beatles”

  1. ive been on a beatles kick lately and damn theyre versatile, even pulling in the country rock sound…and listening to helter skelter..holy crap that song rules but everytime i hear it still i think of crazy mcmurderhippie manson

  2. You guys have the BEST vault of embarrassing pictures EVER. Not to suggest that This picture is embarrassing, I’m just saying.

    You two are also the first I know and trust to listen to these. I desperately want these to be worth it. They are? They sound noticeably awesomer? ie, I, j franky, should buy a set because they are my favorite band and I won’t be disappointed?

  3. Short answer: they do indeed sound noticeably awesomer. But unless you also plan on shelling out for the Mono Box, hold onto your old copies of Please Please Me and With the Beatles.

  4. BTW, I think everyone should know how clever Jake and I are. In that Sgt. Pepper photo (taken at Beatlefest in Chicago) it appears as though we’re leaning against the bass drum. We’re not. It is a flat cardboard cutout but we made it look like we’re actually IN the Sgt. Pepper album bu strategically placing our arms in the photo. I mean, look at how my hand dangles. It looks so REAL!

    –At the time, this how I really thought and would go on at length about this photo to anyone who saw it.

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