New Cheap Trick on 8-track?

I read the news this morning that Cheap Trick was self-releasing its new album, which is cool, but not really that newsworthy. Lots of bands have been stepping outside of the “label world” lately. But this paragraph stopped me in my tracks:

Amazon will have exclusive rights for one month, and the album will also be available in limited LP and 8-track editions.

That’s gotta be a typo, right? Or a joke? Right?

While I was poking around on their site, looking for any hints or clues, I noticed that they’ve got an awesome collection of videos on YouTube, including a bunch of songs from Budokan and a complete 1980 show and three promo videos from Dream Police. In short: totally awesome.

Video: Cheap Trick – “Surrender” (live at Budokan)

Previously: Cheap Trick at the Double Door: We’re All Alright (2001).

Cheap Trick: iTunes, Amazon, Insound, wiki, YouTube, web.

12 thoughts on “New Cheap Trick on 8-track?”

  1. This can’t be true. Where would the 8-tracks be manufactured? I can’t imagine there is a working 8-track plant anywhere in the world.

  2. that has to be cassette or at least the kids at the cakeshop will go for it. I think i know one audiophile who has a working 8trk. lol.

    I am digging as of late the steve albini In Color mix.

  3. I have a car 8-track player somewhere in the garage, in a box. If you’ve seen my garage, though, that really doesn’t narrow down its location so much.

  4. hope that this is good news-my geezer alarm has been going off like crazy lately.

    be fun to see them open the tour, and then leave after their set…

  5. 8 Track is a superior format to Cassette. Try listening to Willie’s “Honeysuckle Rose” LP on cassette. It sucks. Now take a listen on 8 Track, preferably in the cab of a Ford or Chevy pickup. It sounds brilliant.

  6. Cheap Trick released 8 Track all the way to “Next Position Please”. I have all of them and they play very well. Still used today in radio. Usually commercial spots.

  7. Yeah – it’s legit. It’s on their official website. A lot of underground bands still put out albums on 8 Track for numerous reasons. My band has limited editions of our albums on Cassette, 8 Track & Reel To Reel. And as far as pressing plants – you really don’t need them if you have the knowhow and equipment to make them yourself, or you can find many people who can if you don’t wanna do it yourself. I enjoy the process myself, so I duplicate all of our tapes. I think it’s definitely cool that bands are still keeping the older formats alive! Long live Analog in ALL of its forms!!!

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