New MGMT video – Kids

I think you all know how much we love this band. Their freaky videos are a big part of why and this shit is crazy freaky. As my man Bennett said, “sometimes Joanna Newsom’s gotta be your Mom and drop you and you have to wear cool headbands and run from monsters and turn into a cartoon where you trip seeing hamburgers hot dogs and pizza.”

Video: MGMT – “Kids”

Fer real.

Video: MGMT – “Kids”

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11 thoughts on “New MGMT video – Kids”

  1. Here’s the casting ad:

    “Music video seeks ‘hot mom’ type to look cool in shades and show cleavage. Please have a valid driver’s license. Also if you could bring your 3-year-old and let us make him cry for a couple days that would cinch the deal. No fatties.”

  2. That’s awesome. I wonder what they actually showed that kid to make him cry like that. I’m guessing the meat monsters were superimposed.

    I’m also trying to figure out the moral of the story. Is it that yuppie moms who drive SUVs with futuristic carseats fail to protect their kids from the stuff that scares them? Or that everything is pretty fucking scary and trippy when you’re a kid? Or that MGMT will appear to be the only ones who truly understand how scary the world is, and yet even they will end up eating you?

    What else can we do? Get jobs in offices and wake up for the morning commute?

  3. The only moral I can see is that scary shit is all around you, but you eventually get inured to it as you grow up (I guess you stop staring into the abyss).

    I’m not sure why the quote at the beginning was ascribed to Twain instead of Nietzsche.

  4. Jolie and I were talking about this video, paying attention to the editing during the crib scene, and realized that if you filmed any two-year-old for a few hours you could easily end up with a several minutes of prime bawling footage.

    I could turn a camera on, put my kid in his crib, tell him he can’t have his favorite blanket, car, or book, and he’d scream like he was being stabbed for at least three minutes. Edit that together with some monster footage and boom: looks like we let monsters attack our kid.

    The walking down the street footage? Who knows? But I know it’s not hard to catch kids crying.

  5. I like MGMT but I think this video is disturbing. Poor kid. It’ll all come out in therapy I suppose.

    I do have to say this; if someone did that to my child I’d punch ’em in the biscuits…actually, she’d probably do it herself.

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