New Diet Cig video: Maid of the Mist

Video: Diet Cig – “Maid of the Mist”

Diet Cig - Maid of the Mist (Official Music Video)

I heard these guys on the radio this weekend and really liked their sound. Sassy punk rock with vulnerable lyrics is right up my alley.

Diet Cig’s new album, Swear I’m Good At This, is out now on Frenchkiss Records.

Video: Diet Cig – “Barf Day” (live)

Diet Cig "Barf Day" — UO Live

“Barf Day” is the song I heard on the radio. This live version is good too.

Video: Diet Cig – “Tummy Ache”

Diet Cig - Tummy Ache (Official Music Video)

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