New Blondie video: Doom or Destiny ft. Joan Jett

Video: Blondie – “Doom or Destiny”

Blondie – Doom or Destiny (Official Video)

From Pollinator, out now on BMG.

Debbie Harry and Joan Jett are not amused by the state of the world. But that doesn’t prevent them from making fun of the news in our current political idiocracy.

Blondie’s Chris Stein told Rolling Stone, “Politics have become the new pop culture phenomena, but it seems the current landscape of music videos has so little to do with true protest or some kind of social message. It can be truthful, but irreverent, fun and funny.”

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New Fratellis video: Stand Up Tragedy

Video: The Fratellis – “Stand Up Tragedy”

The Fratellis – Stand up Tragedy (Official Video)

From In Your Own Sweet Time, out March 9 on Cooking Vinyl.

The Fratellis were one of those bands that nobody took seriously when they released their debut album, Costello Music, but I really liked it. They were a major label band with a song in an iPod ad. It didn’t help, of course, when the Chicago Blackhawks adopted “Chelsea Dagger” as their goal song during their Stanley Cup run in 2010. A bit uncool, yeah?

Still. You gotta love bands from Scotland, and it’s a good album whether or not a bunch of mooky hockey fans sing along with the chorus of a song that may or may not be about falling in love with transvestite prostitute drug addict. Subversive!

I saw them at Lollapalooza 2007 and they were great, and I bought their second album, Here We Stand, when it came out and then stopped paying attention. Apparently, they took a little break after that but have been fairly active again since 2013.

The new song is a disco-inspired jam with “Sympathy for the Devil” woo-ooos and the video is a charming romp through a senior center. We’re all older today than we’ve ever been (and now we’re even older…), and I hope that in twenty years I’m having us much fun as the oldsters in this video.

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New Cindy Wilson video: Brother

Video: Cindy Wilson – “Brother”

Cindy Wilson – Brother (Official Music Video from Change)

From Change, out now on Kill Rock Stars.

Former B-52s singer who’s not Kate Pierson or the annoying dude releases a crowdfunded solo album on Kill Rock Stars. Whispery and psychedelic!

In the scenes with the red gauze Wilson reminds me of Nikki Newman from “The Young and Restless.”

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New Father John Misty video: Leaving LA

Video: Father John Misty – “Leaving LA”

Father John Misty – "Leaving LA" [Official Music Video]

From Pure Comedy, out now on Sub Pop.

I know I know I know, a thirteen-minute hymn to your own hyper-awareness (a “10 verse chorus-less diatribe”) is self-indulgent horseshit. It’s impossible to argue with that.

And yet…

Try to forget for a sec what a bloated self-righteous asshole Josh Tillman has become, and just listen to the song. Listen to the string arrangement by Gavin Bryars and think of “Jesus’ Blood Never Failed Me” or “The Sinking of the Titanic” and just listen.

“Leaving LA” is arranged, performed, and recorded perfectly. It sounds great. It’s a beautiful song even if the sentiment is bitter.

Tillman claims to assume this song will cost him some fans. The “teenage rosebuds” and “college dudes” will “all jump ship” and think, “I used to like this guy but this new shit makes me want to die.” I dunno. Maybe. I’m a couple decades past being a college dude, and I’ll admit I prefer the manic hedonism of Fear Fun over the grumpy cynicism and misanthropy of the more recent stuff, but I’m guessing his core fanbase knows exactly what they’re getting into.

What I find fascinating about Father John Misty in general and this song in particular is Tillman’s quest to find some kind of balance between his onstage persona and his true self. I don’t think that’s a put on. I believe him. I think he honestly struggles with this dichotomy. Maybe everybody in showbiz does, but Tillman is unusually open about it.

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New Anna Burch video: Tea-Soaked Letter

Video: Anna Burch – “Tea-Soaked Letter”

Anna Burch – Tea-Soaked Letter [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]

From Quit the Curse, February 2 on Polyvinyl.

There’s no hula hooping in this one, but the song is just as good as Anna Burch’s previous single.

She’s got such an easygoing, effortless delivery, and her rhythm guitar reminds me a bit of early Liz Phair. I swear I listened to this song ten times in a row.

Strange, the ones you love
Could bury your body underground
I woke up too late again
Would you start the coffee, my only friend?

I forgot to fake away that I was feeling
I guess it’s too late now all my cards are showing

No you can’t come up
Who am I kidding? I would drag you up
What was that you said
That I don’t exist inside your head

You said you would communicate better
So what will you send me a tea soaked letter

I feel so alone
When everyone in town is overblown
So I made a scene
I can think of things more embarrassing

Can’t wait to hear the rest of her album!

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New Sufjan Stevens video solidifies theory of 50 States Project

Video: Sufjan Stevens – “The Greatest Gift”

Sufjan Stevens – The Greatest Gift (Official Video)

From The Greatest Gift Mixtape – Outtakes, Remixes, & Demos from Carrie & Lowell, out now on Asthmatic Kitty.

The mention of Asa Lovejoy (founder of the city of Portland) in this song is further evidence to prove the theory that Carrie & Lowell was indeed the “Oregon” installment in Sufjan’s “50 States” project, despite the fact that in 2009 Stevens dismissed the project as “such a joke” and admitted it was a “promotional gimmick.”

Almost every song contains at least one specific reference to Oregon: the Death with Dignity Act of 1994, the Oregon breeze, Spencer’s Butte, Eugene, Emerald Park, the Tillamook burn, Sea Lion Caves, Cottage Grove, The Dalles, the Blue Bucket Mine.

The outtakes from this newly released collection keep it going: Wallowa Lake, Asa Lovejoy, the hidden river, Hathaway Jones, the City of Roses, Pig-n-Ford races, Nike, Beavers, Ducks, and Trailblazers.

I mean, come on. This is as clear and obvious as anything on Illinois or Michigan, right?

There was also a mention of Rogue River in “Mystery of Love,” one of the songs Sufjan contributed to the soundtrack of the film, Call Me By Your Name.

And just yesterday, he released the “Tonya Harding” single, about the unlikely skating star who many considered to be “Just some Portland white trash.”

You could easily compile the most Oregony of these songs into an “Oregon” playlist to get the full effect.

And I’m not the only one who thinks this, either. Tuneage wrote a post about it and found a 2005 interview where Stevens discussed Oregon as a likely contender as a follow up to Illinois. Local publications mapped out every Oregon reference on Carrie & Lowell.

Carrie & Lowell is unquestionably the third installment of Sufjan’s Fifty States Project. Three down, only 47 to go! Snap to it, Soofy!

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New St. Vincent video: Pills

Video: St. Vincent – “Pills”

Pills (Official Visual)

From MASSEDUCTION, out now on Loma Vista.

Annie Clark once again proves she’s the freakiest rock and roller of our time. The chorus jingle is a little grating, but that’s probably the point. She told Pitchfork:

“This song is super personal for me, a little snapshot of a small period of my life. I was having trouble sleeping and I had taken a sleeping pill. As I was popping it into my mouth, I was like, [sings] ‘Do-do-do, do-do-do, pills, pills, pills, every day of the week—oh, maybe that’s so jingle-y that it’s good.’ Just using that language of advertising.”

I can’t even swim in these waves I made
From the bath to the drain, and the plane to the stage
To the bed, to give head, to the money I made

Additional vocals are by Jenny Lewis and Cara Delevingne. Kendrick Lamar’s producer Sounwave (Mark Spears) programmed the drums and gets a co-writing credit (along with Jack Antonoff). Spears previously worked with St. Vincent on her cover of the Rolling Stones’ disco jam, “Emotional Rescue.”

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New Morrissey video: Jacky’s Only Happy

Video: Morrissey – “Jacky’s Only Happy When She’s Up on the Stage”

Morrissey – Jacky's Only Happy When She's Up on the Stage (Official Video)

From Low In High School, out now on BMG.

I always thought Morrissey could easily transition to being an English soap star should he ever decide to give up the music game. I mean, look at him: Can’t you just see him scheming to undercut his rivals with understated but nefarious actions and a whiff of debonair superiority?

Unfortunately, Moz lives in a soap opera and too often undercuts himself with ill-advised comments on everything from Brexit to sexual assault.  Being a Morrissey fan has never been easy.

In his latest video, Moz dances (as much as you can call it that) on what looks like the set of a 80s variety show. Perhaps it’s shot on the soundstage next door to East Enders where he also has a recurring role?

While Moz lacks in the swinging hips department, the songs that have come out from this his 11th solo studio album harken back to his best and earliest solo work from Viva Hate and Your Arsenal. And Goddamn if he doesn’t look great as the leading man in his own TV drama.

I’ll probably skip reading his next interview but I look forward to hearing the rest of this album.

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New Sharon Jones video: Call on God

Video: Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings – “Call on God”

Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings "Call on God" (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

From Soul of a Woman, out now on Daptone.

We’ve written a lot on what a dynamic performer Sharon Jones was—and make no mistake, she was a powerhouse. But what I like about this video is it also show what an artists she was, and where real musical magic comes from.

I won’t dive back into the debates around digital vs. analog recording and the pros and cons of automation or pitch correcting software. The fact of the matter is that artists should use whatever they have to the best of their abilities. And that is what makes the Daptone Records story so compelling: They have built this thing from the ground up with people who share a vision and burn with a talent that had to come out.

Here we see Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings out of their stage gear and away from the lights, sounds and manic energy that reverberated throughout their live shows. It’s a band laboring in its small and unadorned workspace. The meticulously authentic soul sound of Daptone Records doesn’t come from a suite of studios with atmospheric lighting and $10,000 sofas. It comes from people holed up in a live room, playing together in their studio in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn. That’s magic.

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Jack Kerouac reads On the Road with Steve Allen

Video: Jack Kerouac on the Steve Allen Show, 1959


Haven’t seen this footage before. It’s pretty great even with the obnoxious watermark. I’m surprised it’s in color but Wikipedia tells me The Steve Allen Show started broadcasting in color in September 1957. Who knew!

The audio of this is included in The Jack Kerouac Collection box that came out in 1990 and most of that stuff has been reissued over the years in a variety of formats. I’ve always loved hearing Kerouac read, and it’s cool to be able to see him doing it.

Of all the Beats, Kerouac seemed the most gentle and sad, quietly observing the madmen he surrounded himself with. I read his collection of letters a while back, and it seems like all he really wanted to do in life was to read and drink and be taken care of my his mother. I can appreciate that.

Ten years after this footage was taped, Kerouac would be dead at age 47 from an abdominal hemorrhage caused by alcohol abuse.

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