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An Apologia for the Video Gaming Youth

Grand Theft Auto IVWe don’t suffer a cultural malaise due to ‘immediate gratification’ and its ill effects. Rather immediate gratification syndrome is a symptom of our culture because the youth, who are not a part of institutional power (largely because they don’t wish to follow the lead of the clearly inept), suffer because the people who are a part of the power-structure (in all its manifestations—and there is little anymore not beholden to indiscriminate power, and this is, obviously, due in large part to capitalist greed) really do think that they are something special, something better, somehow more deserving, and this repression of talent leads our youth to endeavors such as video games where it is the talent and the skill of the player that matters most.

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Record Reviews are Worthless

Keep music evilWe at Glorious Noise try to be open minded. We like to think of ourselves as music fans first. But in the three and half years GLONO has been around, we have barely touched on Metal as a genre. That’s a shame and to remedy the situation, we are proud to introduce a new contributor, D. Alan Nash.

“In our youth we still venerate and despise without the art of nuance…”—Nietzsche

Ten years ago I heard a friend, on a mountain-top of Sativa, say “Rockin’ with Dokken!” And the humorous thing for those of us involved is that he really meant it. Now, ten days ago, I heard the very same friend denounce this same group. Was he more right either of these times?

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