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I know it’s only rock and roll

Brian Jonestown Massacre Live at Schubas in Chicago, February 26, 2002 By Derek Phillips If I could stick a knife in my heart Suicide right on stage Would it be enough for your teenage lust? Would it help to ease the pain? — The Rolling Stones There’s a term in boxing that describes the kind … Continue reading I know it’s only rock and roll

Glorious Noise Interview with Califone’s Tim Rutili

Glorious Noise Interview 10 Questions for Califone’s Tim Rutili By Derek Phillips Since the early 90s, Tim Rutili has been crafting his own brand of “rustic pop.” From Red Red Meat to his current band, Califone, Rutili has developed a style of songwriting at once haunting and hummable. The following is an email interview with … Continue reading Glorious Noise Interview with Califone’s Tim Rutili

I’m Beginning to See the Light…again.

Rediscovering the Velvet Underground Sometimes it’s amazing what you find when you dig back into your collection. Forgotten gems of music gathering dust in crates or on CD racks can take you back to specific times in your life or fill you with emotions also long forgotten. I recently dug out my copy the Velvet … Continue reading I’m Beginning to See the Light…again.

Tonight’s the Night

Tonight’s the Night Wilco at the Riviera Theater, Chicago By Derek Phillips In 1973, Neil Young toured for an album that was vastly different than the country comfortable Harvest that had made his name as a solo artist the year before. In fact, the set list for many of the ’73 tour dates didn’t include … Continue reading Tonight’s the Night

Boxing Bob Dylan

Nothing’s free in this world. Especially when it’s offered by a corporation. Is it worth it to accept freebies from the Man when he seemingly expects nothing in return? Not when it’s box seats to a concert. You’re better off watching it at home with relatives you hate. At least you can kick them out…or … Continue reading Boxing Bob Dylan

Rude Awakening: Glenn Kotche and Guest

Glenn Kotche and Guest at Chicago’s Hideout Inn As a kid, I never had much appreciation for abstract art. It seemed like just a lot of lines and splotches of color on canvass, or twisted metal and broken glass trying to be passed off as “sculpture.” It wasn’t until I was in 10th grade and … Continue reading Rude Awakening: Glenn Kotche and Guest

Give till it hurts

Rock stars unite for 9-11 attacks, but does anyone care? By Phil Wise With all the madness surrounding the September 11 attacks, people feel as though they should do something—anything to help. The incredible outpouring has dwarfed even that of the We Are the World spectacle of the early 80s, both in contributions and pomposity. … Continue reading Give till it hurts