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Wilco Label News

According to Wilco’s official website, they “have agreed to terms with Nonesuch Records ( More information about all of this next week.” I’m not exactly sure what this means, but the people at Pitchfork interpret it to mean “Wilco have now signed to Nonesuch Records, the experimental subsidiary of Atlantic. So one would presume that, sometime early in 2002, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot will be released…” Nonesuch releases all sorts of crazy stuff, from the Buena Vista Social Club and Emmylou Harris to the Kronos Quartet and Laurie Anderson. Hopefully, they will treat Wilco with the respect they deserve.

By the way, when will the hacks at Pitchfork do their fucking homework and stop saying that Jim O’Rourke produced the new album, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot? He mixed it. He did not produce it.

George Harrison, Dead at 58

George Harrison portrait by Astrid KirchherrWhen I was in high school I had a very serious argument with my best friend over who was the coolest Beatle. My friend said John. I said Paul. Several years ago, we admitted to each other that we had been wrong. The coolest Beatle is and always has been George Harrison. May he rest in peace.

The Glorious Noise Empire

Here at Glorious Noise, we do not not try to be all things to all people. We do what we do, and we hope you like it. We like it, and we’re going to keep doing it. This message is just a little heads-up to what’s shaking here behind the scenes…

About every two weeks or so we are changing the playlist of our Glorious Noise Radio station. We’ve got over four hours of great songs streaming to you in both lo-fi (for modem users) and higher-fi (for our broadband friends). [Update: sadly, we’ve abandoned the Live365 station because they started charging money for it – ed.]

The Glorious Noise Message Boards are in full effect, boy. Start your own discussion, or contribute to an ongoing one. Get as loopy as you want to.

Get updated! Do you have a hard time remembering just how much you love Glorious Noise? If you have other things on your mind, be sure to sign up for the Glorious Noise mailing list. Sign up through Yahoo Groups. [Update: the mailing list no longer uses Yahoo; it’s all us now – ed.] We send out one tiny message a week (or so) to let you know what’s happening on the site. We are going to start giving away free shit to randomly chosen people on the mailing list, so sign up now. We are also in the process of making available rare Mp3s files exclusively to our mailing list members. Woo hoo!

We’re hosting some cool new sites. Check out these sites and look where they’re coming from: the Blue Ribbon Brothers [Update: changed name to Riviera – ed.], Via Chicago [Update: no longer hosted by Glorious Noise – ed.], and the Wilco Timeline Project. If you know of any other cool little sites that don’t need a lot of space or bandwidth and would like to be hosted for free, let us know by adding a comment, and we’ll see if they would fit in on the Glorious Noise network!

Let us know what else we can do. It’s all about you. No, that’s a lie. It’s not really all about you, but if we like your suggestion we’ll do our best to do something about it. Thanks for coming here. We realize that the Web has a lot of cool stuff on it, and we appreciate you spending some of your time with us. Rock on!

Please help me find an address for the king of the UN

This doesn’t have anything to do with music, but I recently received this email from a friend of mine, and I felt the need to share it with you. I certainly don’t advocate this kind of “Send this to ten of your friends” message, but this is a special exception. My friend has given permission to publish this here but has asked me to change his name, which I did.


Dear Friends,

I am not into politics and whatnot but it seems that most of you are and should be commended for it. Since you are, however, I have a few questions that you could perhaps help me get answers to. I am interested in writing a letter to the leader of the UN (King/Prince/Commissioner I don’t know his title) to find their schedule for the year 2002. Reason being, I thought that maybe after they are done setting up a multi-ethnic government in Afghanistan they could perhaps come to the United States and help US set up a multi-ethnic government. I figure, if they can work their magic in a place like Afghanistan, what with the centuries of warring tribes and whatnot, they could surely do the same with the United States where people are, on the surface at least, a little bit calmer (or maybe they just don’t LOOK as crazy). Anyhoo, I don’t know the fella’s name that runs the UN. The old guy had double first names, being a foreigner and all. Could you imagine, Paul Paul Stanley? WOW!! I’ve seen the new guy’s picture and he has a graying beard. If you could tell me how to get in touch with him I would appreciate it. If he is anything like me (and we’re all more alike than different) then he likes to make lists for himself (gotta have goals). I would just like to talk to him to see if we can’t get on his list and whether they will have the time help us out next year. Perhaps if I made a internet chain letter where it had some sort of form letter and everyone added their address and social security number as they received it and that stuff about how bad luck (or at least no multi-ethnic government) will come if they don’t pass it on to 10 friends. This could show the King of the UN that it’s not only me that wants the UN to help the U.S. So political/computer savvy friends, I would appreciate your advice.


Paul Stanley [not his real name – ed.]

Please add a comment if you agree with this (address and social security number are optional, of course…).

The Glorious Noise Interview with Camden Joy

When I was young, we approached rock and roll like that, that it had been broken open and sucked dry by greedy adults and nothing remained of it but a few shards. The Rolling Stones, for example, could be reduced to the mumbles and guitar jabs at the start of “Stray Cat Blues,” the submerged clatter of “I Just Wanna See His Face,” and the line in “Respectable” about smoking heroin with the president. Three fragments. And I’d have to say that even that was pretty generous of us. The Clash and the Who were each reduced to just two fragments. My friends and I called these “moments,” and we constantly bickered over the merits of this or that “moment.” I’m the one who said the moments occur when a performer strays from the script, when you sense they haven’t practiced this part but aren’t worried what to play. It was Roy who said these moments were “steered entirely by the majesty of impulse.” I always loved that, “the majesty of impulse.” Made passion sound like some kinda key to royalty.

— From The Last Rock Star Book Or: Liz Phair, a Rant by Camden Joy

We are pleased to present to you the Glorious Noise interview with one of my favorite contemporary authors, Camden Joy. He was called “one of the smartest, funniest, and most thoroughly twisted people writing about rock today” by Jim DeRogatis, the author of the Lester Bangs biography, Let It Blurt, and authority on smart, funny, twisted writers. In the interview Camden Joy discusses his role in reviving interest in alternative country legends, his love of genetically-modified fruit, and his waning interest in current popular music. He also mentions his three brand new novellas that were just published by Highwater Books.

Read all about it here.

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