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Hunter Thompson for president in 2004

Hunter Thompson for president in 2004 He never claimed to be anything but a nice guy and an athlete… And now Dr. Hunter S. Thompson is finally back on ESPN Page 2 after his summer vacation: This is going to be a very expensive war, and Victory is not guaranteed — for anyone, and certainly … Continue reading Hunter Thompson for president in 2004

Please stop flying into buildings

Please stop flying into buildings God help us. I get into work today to find a group of people staring at the television. Just as I realize that the smoking building is the World Trade Center, I see a plane fly right into the second tower and explode. Live on tv. All the major news … Continue reading Please stop flying into buildings

The latest problem with music

It’s really a shame that Steve Albini’s famous article from 1994, The Problem with Music, is now more applicable than ever. I’d love to read an updated version of this article with sections dealing with how studio engineers, producers and label executives convince bands to “fix” all their mistakes with computer programs such as ProTools, … Continue reading The latest problem with music

Digging up Kurt Cobain

In an article in the recent Music Issue of the New Yorker, Robert Christgau reviews Heavier Than Heaven by Charles R. Cross, a new biography of Kurt Cobain. It sounds like it’s a pretty well-researched book and apparently the author had access to Cobain’s “drawings, journals, and numerous unsent letters.” Christgau mainly praises the book, … Continue reading Digging up Kurt Cobain

A very funny article about Mariah Carey…

A very funny article about Mariah Carey… The fine folks over at Whatever-Dude have posted an insightful critique of Mariah Carey’s career, boobs and personality titled, Mariah’s Theme: An Unholy Shriek of Death. Check it out. [Via MetaFilter]

Jay Bennett Quits Wilco

Yet more breaking news… According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Jay Bennett has left Wilco. What is going on with this band? Is Tweedy going to be able to keep it together, or is this the beginning of the end? Can you even call it Wilco anymore without Jay Bennett? Wow. I’m baffled. What’s going to … Continue reading Jay Bennett Quits Wilco

Freedom for Wilco?

Breaking News from Glorious Noise… The Chicago Tribune reports that Wilco has signed a deal to leave Reprise Records after the label rejected their recently finished new album, Yankee Foxtrot Hotel. Part of the deal is that Wilco gets to buy back the album and release it somewhere else. Hopefully this won’t take too long. … Continue reading Freedom for Wilco?

If you can listen to it, you can copy it

We all know how badly the record industry wants to clamp down on CD copying. But what they think of as piracy, we think of as doing what we want with something that we legally purchased. An article in the Register reaffirms just how futile the record industry’s fight really is. The article refers to … Continue reading If you can listen to it, you can copy it

The Next Plane to Good Writing

If you haven’t checked out Last Plane to Jakarta yet, it’s time do so now. It features some of the best music writing I’ve read since I was first cc’d on a note by Johnny Loftus. There’s a particularly great explication of a song by Chuck Berry on there right now. I love it when … Continue reading The Next Plane to Good Writing