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Well, It’s Better than the Last One

Glorious Noise and the rest of the world made a very big deal a few weeks ago when Wilco’s new album, which had been rejected by their record label, debuted at number 13 on Billboard’s album chart. It proved, we said, that not only are record company executives weak in the head about what kind … Continue reading Well, It’s Better than the Last One

White Stripes Marriage License

White Stripes Marriage License Glorious Noise values the truth as much as we value great rock and roll. So what’s to be done when these important values butt heads? We go both ways. Though the Detroit Free Press broke this story over a year ago, the White Stripes continue to propogate the rumor that they … Continue reading White Stripes Marriage License

Just Say Yes

Elliott Smith Live at the Riviera Theater Thursday, May 2, 2002 I love Elliott Smith, but man, he was a mess last night opening up for Wilco at an unannounced show in Chicago. It was really sad. He apparently slept funny on the plane and a couple of his fingers had fallen asleep and would … Continue reading Just Say Yes