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Look at Us!

The Chicago contingent of the Glorious Noise posse. Update: a few more photos, this time from the Blue Ribbon Brothers show at the Edgewater Lounge. [Full disclosure: Derek Phillips (a.k.a. Phil) is both a contributor to Glorious Noise as well as a member of the BRB, and by the way, they’re playing Saturday, the 26th, … Continue reading Look at Us!

Grasp the Rock

Weezer Lets the Hardcore Fans Produce their New Album Weezer’s “Green” album, which ranked 83rd in Billboard’s top albums of 2001, disappointed many of the band’s original fans—myself included—because of its repetitive song structures, dispassionate singing, impersonal lyrics, simplistic guitar solos and overall slickness. The sales, however, seemed to vindicate frontman Rivers Cuomos’ separation from … Continue reading Grasp the Rock

An unbelievably awful-sounding tape

Last Plane to Jakarta has an unbelievably great new article about an unbelievably awful-sounding tape. Yes, a cassette tape. By a band called therefore. Yes, with a period at the end. Be sure to read his pop-up annotations. They’re wonderful. An example (on the subject of throwing away tapes we don’t even like): Well, of … Continue reading An unbelievably awful-sounding tape