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Free Glorious Noise Compilation CD!

One Hundred Thousand According to our handy little counter, Glorious Noise has had 100,000 unique visits. Every statistics application defines these things differently, but regardless, that’s a shitload of people. So thanks, everybody. We appreciate your support. As a token of our appreciation, we’re giving all our readers a new cd. Well, sort of. As … Continue reading Free Glorious Noise Compilation CD!

White Stripes Divorce Certificate

We told you it was coming, so here it is: Jack and Meg’s 2000 divorce certificate: This whole thing has been pretty silly, and while it’s been fun getting one or two high-profile links, we hope some of you newbies will stick around while we get back to doing what we’ve been doing all along… … Continue reading White Stripes Divorce Certificate

Autographed CD Contest Results

We had a lot of great responses to our contest to give out an autographed copy of Jay Bennett and Edward Burch’s new album, The Palace at 4am (Part 1). The artist who got mentioned more than any other was Tom Waits, which seems appropriate. Our panel of judges struggled with the decision, but they … Continue reading Autographed CD Contest Results

The Real Garage

Glorious Noise was representin’ in full effect on WXRT’s Sound Opinions last night. I hope I sounded better than the first time I was on that show. The show focused on garage rock, and they had us on to discuss the recent White Stripes thing we did here a couple weeks ago. I get frustrated … Continue reading The Real Garage

Fishing with Tom

I’ve been meaning to write something about Tom Waits. I’ve even been preparing something in my head. But it’s still too big of a subject for me to tackle. Tom Waits represents just about everything to me: talk about a life-changing artist. For me, anyway. Sheesh. From getting turned on to Nighthawks at the Diner … Continue reading Fishing with Tom