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The Gorillaz: King Bong

When I first heard about the Gorillaz, I got really excited. The Gorillaz are a cartoon band that is actually made up of the guy from Blur, Dan the Automator, Del the Funky Homosapien, and some turntable wizard. And drawn by the original creator of Tank Girl. That sounded really cool to me. And then … Continue reading The Gorillaz: King Bong


Shameless Here’s a five dollar coupon for cdnow when you spend $19.95. It lasts until June 26, so there you go. Full disclosure: cdnow is owned by a major label, and I get a tiny percentage of whatever you spend when using this link. Don’t like it? Let us hear about it, and then head … Continue reading Shameless

Glorious Noise Reader Feedback

Recent visitors to Glorious Noise might have noticed that if they click on the “Discuss” link at the bottom of a post, they’ve been getting nowhere for the past couple of weeks. I apologize for that. The interactivity is what makes this fun and interesting. I implemented a new, temporary commenting system tonight. The only … Continue reading Glorious Noise Reader Feedback

Happy Birthday Dude

It’s Bob Dylan’s 60th birthday. Jolie told me a story about how when she was a little girl she heard a song on the radio. The singer’s voice appalled her. She couldn’t believe how grating this man’s voice was. She asked her mom why music like this was allowed on the radio. “It’s political,” her … Continue reading Happy Birthday Dude

Who needs Napster?

Napster’s new subscription service is dumb. More than five bucks a month for files “limited in audio quality and unable to be burned to CD.” Please. Fortunately, there’s a new kid in town in the peer-to-peer file-sharing world, Unlike Napster, it allows you to search for and download files directly from your browser. Actually, … Continue reading Who needs Napster?

Blender: Rock and Roll and Boobies Too

But no nipples. I spent about an hour last Saturday morning hungover on my brother-in-law’s crapper. Did the same thing Sunday morning. The john is well-stocked with several issues of Maxim and Stuff, and I’ve started to like those magazines for what they are. They’re fun. And occasionally there are some interesting articles. The thing … Continue reading Blender: Rock and Roll and Boobies Too

Read more Bangs

I found a site that has more Lester Bangs reviews. Beware: the site is in French even though the reviews are in English. No comments about whether or not Bangs’ writing can actually be considered English, okay? Anyway, it’s nice to see someone else serving up stuff that is otherwise unavailable. That is, unless you … Continue reading Read more Bangs