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Napster R.I.P.

Napster is soon to be made irrelevant, forced to give up the things that made it great. Specifically, its price (free) and its user base (lots and lots). This makes me sad. Not for the usual reasons of being cheap and lazy. Although I do feel that the record companies owe me for my years … Continue reading Napster R.I.P.

Kiss touring without Peter Criss

So Kiss is touring without Peter Criss (update: new link), and the new drummer is going to be wearing the makeup and costume of “the Cat.” Why should I care? Why does this seem so blasphemous to me? Peter Criss has deteriorated into an awful drummer who can barely lift his sticks anymore. And as … Continue reading Kiss touring without Peter Criss

The Value of Britney Spears

I’m a little embarrassed to be spending more time on this, but my man Phil and I were recently harassing each other over our difference of opinion on the value of Britney Spears. Our email discussion went like this: > Every time you say something or write about Britney > Spears I cringe. I really … Continue reading The Value of Britney Spears

Karl’s Korner

Anyone who loves Weezer should check out Karl’s Korner. Karl is the “fifth Weezer” and updates his site almost every night with tons of details about the process of recording and mixing the upcoming Weezer album. There are mp3s to download and weird little movies he compiles. =w=