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GLONO Interview: Bryk by Bryk

Dan BrykSinger/songwriter Dan Bryk talks to us about his green card problems, touring Japan with Stephen Malkmus, and what he’s been up to since 2000’s critical breakthrough, Lovers Leap. Plus, Bryk shares an exclusive MP3 from his upcoming album, Pop Psychology.

Who Owns Culture?

Jeff TweedyWilco’s Jeff Tweedy and law professor Lawrence Lessig discuss file sharing and copyright law at the New York Public Library. But with all the talk about sampling and copying, did everyone forget about the music?

Tommy Stinson: Pleased to Meet Him

His face is an ever-changing map of the rock attitudes...Tommy Stinson has been playing in rock and roll bands since he was 13. Twenty-five years later, he still throws himself into impassioned, no-nonsense performances that can convert subdued crowds into throngs of noisy believers.

Rogue Wave: Turn It Down, Love

EarWhat a difference a few decibels can make! A band can sound great and unique during an intimate in-store appearance, but terrible at a plugged-in performance. Why are sound guys so sadistic? Can’t they hear?

A Simple Twist of Fate: The Saga of Roger Salloom

Roger Salloom, America's Best Unknown SongwriterSome artists “make it,” while others don’t. And sometimes talent isn’t even part of the equation. A new documentary explores the career of Roger Salloom. Never heard of him? That’s the point.

Kimya Dawson: Baby Baby Oh Baby

Kimya DawsonGlorious Noise was almost run out of town the last time we criticized a Moldy Peach. The truth hurts sometimes. Kristy Eldredge takes a fair and balanced look at Kimya Dawson at a recent show in Brooklyn.