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Eddie Berrigan: Subtlety May Be Ruthless, but Distance is Free

Eddie BerriganThe Glorious Noise Interview with Eddie Berrigan, the New York poet and musician who performs as I Feel Tractor. His songs are subtle, playful retakes of traditional folk and country genres.

Underground Garage Rock Festival, Take 1

David Johannson of the New York DollsLittle Steven’s Underground Garage Rock Festival was so huge (40 bands over 12 hours), Glorious Noise sent two separate contributors to cover the event. Here’s Kristy Eldredge’s version.

My Head is the Event of the Season

Young NeilTribute shows can be cool when the variety of performers is mixed with the consistency of an inspired songwriter. Kristy Eldredge finds out what happens when a bunch of hipsters get together to cover Neil Young.

King of France: Music with Heart for an Anxious Age

King of FranceGlorious Noise’s Kristy Eldredge interviews New York trio, King of France, and nobody can figure out who they sound like. “It’s in the ear of the beholder,” says drummer Michael Azerrad.

Preston School of Industry: More Matter, Less Art

Preston School of Industry's Mountain TopPreston School of Industry had a lot going for them at the Mercury Lounge in New York City. So why wouldn’t they use their their platform to actually communicate?

I Walked Off to Look for America

What's good and invisible and almost secret about AmericaThe emotional distance between an estranged father and a daughter of divorce can be wider than the Atlantic Ocean. Can Charley Patton and Cat Power help to bridge the gap and salve the feelings of abandonment?

Punk Rock Died When the First Kid Said, Punk’s Not Dead

PeopsThe spirit of punk looms large over Peops, an oral history of nonconformists who’ve avoided mainstream respectability and generally refused to exchange spontaneity for a solid income.

School of Rock is Squaresville

Jack BlackThe kids in School of Rock have never heard of Led Zeppelin. Jack White tries to convince them that classic rock is still rebellious and exciting. He might fool those brats, but he ain’t foolin’ Kristy Eldredge.