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Knife in the Water

Mm. An in-store by hip, rising Austin band Knife in the Water. You can’t get much better than that, I thought as I settled down (with a good-sized crowd) in the sultry May heat on the disagreeable acrylic carpet of Austin record store 33 1/3. For one thing, we had a perfect view of the … Continue reading Knife in the Water

Better than Jerry Lewis

Certain General Live at Don Hill’s, NYC – April 10, 2002 By Kristy Eldredge I was bone ignorant about Certain General when I went to see this show, assuming they’d be a fresh-faced gang of newcomers who would not know life’s darker corners or its propensity for horrid gaping disappointment. Wrong! Certain General turned out … Continue reading Better than Jerry Lewis

Close Encounters of the Punk Kind

We here at Glorious Noise sometimes get criticized for being a little too male-focused. It’s a sad state of affairs to realize we’re not alone in this respect. So when our special guest contributor from New York City, Kristy Eldredge, sends something our way, we get very excited about it. And not just because she’s … Continue reading Close Encounters of the Punk Kind

Love: American Style

Glorious Noise is happy to introduce a new member to the team. Kristy Eldredge is a writer living in Brooklyn. Her new feature article reports from New York on her finding true love in the arms of Quasi. Be sure to welcome her to the group and post your thoughts in the discussion section.