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Ben Blackwell: A Lifetime Worth of Self-Pity, Self-Deprecation and Self-Immolation

GLONO’s Cub reporter Nathan Walker interviews Ben Blackwell, drummer for Detroit’s Dirt Bombs, and gets an earful. Everything from vegan promoters to gear-head homos to the media’s obsession with the Detroit “scene” comes under fire from this ornery cuss. Poor Nate hasn’t been the same since.

Unlikely Rock and Roll: The White Stripes

Frequent GLONO Board contributor Proptronics (aka Nathan Walker) had the opportunity to check out current media darlings, the White Stripes. It’s no secret that Nate is madly in love with drummer Meg White, so here’s what happened when he finally got to see her and her brother in person… Unlikely Rock and Roll The White … Continue reading Unlikely Rock and Roll: The White Stripes