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Celebrating with the Suicide Girls

Well, what can one say about a city with the largest new and used bookstore in the world, five record stores, a coffeehouse bumping Eazy E, a vintage toy store (with plenty of G.I. Joe, Star Wars, and Shogun Warriors figures), 2 comic/book/zine stores, a pizza by the slice place, a thai restaurant, and the … Continue reading Celebrating with the Suicide Girls

Wednesday Night’s Alright for Fighting

Mechanik, Calling All Destroyers, and Goldstar at the Intersection 5/8/2002 Going to a show in my town of Grand Rapids, Michigan, on a Wednesday night is a little like joining Fight Club. You recognize almost everybody from past nights like these, but you wouldn’t ever think of talking to them on the street, even if … Continue reading Wednesday Night’s Alright for Fighting

Nels Jacobson concert posters

X, Charlie Daniels, The Pixies, Sinead 0’Conner, Slayer… Vanilla Ice? What could these artists possibly have in common? Well, they all had concert posters designed for them by Austinite, Nels Jacobson, many of which are available for purchase.