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Jay Farrar: Another Round Before You Go

There are times when you stop by the local watering hole only expecting to have one beer, and you take your barstool and place your order with that avowed intention, when you feel a hard slap on your back and a loud voice in your ear and turn to see the face of a friend … Continue reading Jay Farrar: Another Round Before You Go

Chuck Barris, Scott Baio and the Village People

The Scariest Halloween Costumes Ever At Glorious Noise, we’re always decked out in orange and black, so it’s like Halloween 365 days a year. And strangely, people ask us all the time if we’re wearing masks, when it’s really just our real faces. Anyway, if you want candy, but you don’t have a costume, check … Continue reading Chuck Barris, Scott Baio and the Village People

GRAND ROYAL, RIP 1993-2001

“Our intentions were always simply to create a home for exciting music and the people who were passionate about it,” Diamond said. “It really sucks that we can’t continue to do that.” That’s Mike D of the Beastie Boys in the press release regarding his Grand Royal record label going out of business today. You … Continue reading GRAND ROYAL, RIP 1993-2001

Monday Morning Coming Down

If you’re like me and the rest of the Glorious Noise editorial staff, Monday morning is when you realize that Saturday’s hangover has not departed with the beginning of the work week, but in fact has removed the For Rent sign from your frontal lobe and has filled the front yard with rusty muscle car … Continue reading Monday Morning Coming Down

Songs for Big Dame Hunters

Since I’ve already gotten into a knockdown dragout discussion of the essential integrity of vinyl records with Phil Wise and Jake Brown of the crew, I know this little posting culled from the linkmastas at will be of interest to at least two of our frequent readers. One of the points made while the … Continue reading Songs for Big Dame Hunters

Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt

Very seldom does a internet news posting make you want to run out and rob a bank, or better yet, knock over one of the largest auction houses in the world on a Thursday afternoon. This is one of those rare occasions. Christie’s is auctioning off the original typed scroll of Jack Kerouac’s On The … Continue reading Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt

Continuing Education Dept:

Have you ever found yourself at the head of the line for the dancing cage on Soul Train and remembered you never learned how to dance? Well, in addition to providing a forum for crabby music critics, the internet can also be used as an instructional tool. How to Dance Properly uses the advanced technology … Continue reading Continuing Education Dept:

When the fat guy plays the didgeridoo

For me, the phrase “when the fat lady sings” does not signify anymore. For me, the universal sign that it’s over is now “when the fat guy plays the didgeridoo.” This implies no slight to the aboriginal wind instrument, elegant in it’s simplicity and able to be created from almost any available material, nor towards … Continue reading When the fat guy plays the didgeridoo


Hey guys, not to bring down the level of discourse on the site, but I’m here at Flash Forward 2001 San Francisco and there was a site that I figured I should forward on to you guys. Flip Flop Flyin’ has icon sets rendered in a pixel style that will be familiar to anyone who … Continue reading Minipops