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What Will You Do When It Is Over?

After a friend read my piece on seeing the Rolling Stones on the band’s now-no-longer-forthcoming No Filter tour, she admitted to me that she had tickets for the show in Detroit. The explanation was simple. She’d never seen the band. She knew that if she didn’t act now she’d not be likely to ever see … Continue reading What Will You Do When It Is Over?

Time Is(n’t) on My Side

Given the most-recent Macaulay oeuvre on this site and the absence of same, some of you might have been thinking (if you thought about it at all), “Hmm. . .he kept writing about dead people; maybe he’s joined them.” Nope. Still here. And not another piece about dead people. Well, not exactly. They could be … Continue reading Time Is(n’t) on My Side

Atonal Apples, Amplified Heat: Ginger Baker, RIP

There are some people who, it seems, endure long after others would have collapsed in a dissolving heap, people who, even with the deck stacked against them hand after hand, stay at the table, albeit often moved to a table that is somewhere in the darkness, away from the brightness that they once helped generate. … Continue reading Atonal Apples, Amplified Heat: Ginger Baker, RIP

Headlights Dim to Dark

Back in 2007 a book titled The Dead Beat: Lost Souls, Lucky Stiffs, and the Perverse Pleasures of Obituaries, written by Marilyn Johnson was published. That came to mind when I read of the death of Ric Ocasek because given last week’s piece on the passing of Eddie Money, I didn’t want to be tagged … Continue reading Headlights Dim to Dark

Eddie Money, R.I.P.

OK. This is admittedly taken from when the news, such as it is, was breaking, but it strikes me as almost haiku-like in its brevity and appropriateness. The entire first piece from the Washington Post on the reported death of Eddie Money: “The onetime police officer trainee sang his way to pop rock stardom in … Continue reading Eddie Money, R.I.P.

No Comedians. No Coffee. But Cars. And Sting.

Even if you have absolutely no interest in the auto industry, lately you’ve probably heard something about the potential tie-up and subsequent unraveling and just-maybe tying the knot between FCA and Groupe Renault. You can’t buy a new Renault (or Dacia or Alpine) in the U.S. market. But you can buy FCA products to your … Continue reading No Comedians. No Coffee. But Cars. And Sting.

“Don’t Take The Brown Acid”

At the Woodstock Festival that occurred 50 years ago this coming July the performers included Creedence Clearwater Revival; Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young; Jefferson Airplane; the Grateful Dead. For reasons that probably have more to do with lucre than love, there is Woodstock 50 planned for this summer. There has been a considerable amount of … Continue reading “Don’t Take The Brown Acid”

“They Got the Steely Dan T-shirts. . . .”

A friend who moved out of state keeps tabs on what’s going on in Michigan as those moving from one place to another are wont to do. Whenever I’m in a hotel and get a copy of USA Today outside the door I always look at the weather for Illinois, even though it has been … Continue reading “They Got the Steely Dan T-shirts. . . .”

The Road

One of the aspects of rock and roll that gets little general attention is the Sisyphusian life on the road. Ideally the band gets a tour. The tour commences. If things go really well, then (a) the tour gets extended or (b) another tour is established hard on the heels of the first. There is … Continue reading The Road

New Neil & Liam Finn Video: Where’s My Room

Video: Neil & Liam Finn — “Where’s My Room” Neil & Liam Finn – Where's My RoomWatch this video on YouTube Directed by Sam Kristofski. From Lightsleeper, out now. When your father is Neil Finn, then odds are when you make music it is going to be different. No, not in reaction to your famous(ish) … Continue reading New Neil & Liam Finn Video: Where’s My Room