Rock n Roll myths/legends/truths?

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Post by jimmyjazz »

Come on everyone, I wanna hear those tall tales of your favourite artists.

One of my own personal favourites is Keith Richards (allegegly) having his entire blood supply replaced to enter Canada by virtue of the following negative drug test.

Or David Crosby getting arrested for smoking crack while breaking the speed limit.

Out with em....

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Post by Jake »

I love the story of Pete Townshend kicking Abbie Hoffman off the stage at Woodstock. Literally kicking him off the stage.

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Post by Joshua »

People always thought Bob Seger lived in the house I grew up in...

Hmmm - I guess you had to be there for that one. :

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Post by Mixmaster Shecky »

I used to run into Seger at the bars in northern Michigan all the time. He tried to get my buddy to sell him 8balls once(so my buddy said, anyway - he was a bartender at the time).

I also played Defender with Aldo Nova once. He was pretty good. <IMG SRC="/bb/images/smiles/icon_biggrin.gif">

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Post by sab »

How about Madonna having once lived in Stockwell (?), the all girls dorm on the Hill at Michigan. (It was always my fantasy frosh year that I'd meet some chick at a frat party and we'd go back to her room and I'd discover some sign of Madonna having slept there. How pathetic is that?)

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Post by roscoe_rathbone »

I would have to say: Rod Stewart having a pint of spunk pumped out of his stomach. I don't think any member of the animal kingdom can shoot such a massive load unless it be the mighty Sperm Whale...picturing Rod deep beneath the sea in one of those Old School diver suits with the round metal head, fellating a Whale. My old lady, who grew up in Detroit, on the other side of the nation from me, heard the same tale.



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Having just seen the Ozzy behind the music last night, I will place my bid on the old biting-the-head-off-a-bat rumor, which Ozzy confirmed in the BTM. It seems it started at a label meeting Ozzy and wife Sharon had at the beginning of his solo career. She told him to really make an impression and gave him some doves to release in the meeting. Not getting the reaction he'd hoped for, Ozzy grabbed one of the doves and bit its head off. There are plenty of photos of this particular scene. Ozzy and crew were banned from the label offices but it did get the marketing department's attention.

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Post by Chris G »


How about the Rolling Stones almost breaking up when Charlie Watts kicked Mick Jagger's ass?

Supposedly, while touring Europe at some point in the 80s, Mick Jagger went out drinking and got really ripped. At some point in the wee hours of the morning he went over to the hotel where Charlie Watts was staying. Charlie had gone to bed early, and was in his hotel room sleeping, when Mick showed up. Charlie had left instructions with the hotel not to be disturbed. Mick wanted to drag Charlie out of bed to go out partying. When at first the hotel would not oblidge Mick's request, he began to make a scene in the hotel lobby, and was screaming that he was Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones he demanded to see his drummer.

The hotel woke Charlie to inform him of the incident taking place downstairs. Charlie got up from bed, put on a suit and tie, went downstairs, marched across the lobby to Mick and punched him in the face, knocking him backwards through a plate-glass window onto the sidewalk. He then told Mick:

"I'm not your drummer, you're my singer."

...turned around, went back up to his hotel room, and went back to bed.

The rumor was that this incident was the closest the Stones ever came to breaking up. Whether there is actually any truth to it or not, I don't know, but it's a great story.


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Post by Chris G »


Sometimes the incident is said to have taken place at a party. I'm finding more references closest to this version of the story, but with Mick waking Charlie to goto the recording studio late at night. ... 96563.html ... 71,00.html


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I like your version, ChrisG, especially the part about Watts dressing in a suit and tie. I could totally see that. Jagger should be punched in the face more often, even if he isn't drunk.

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