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Ok, but you'll be sorry.

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Post by ryanking » Thu Jan 03, 2002 8:41 am

On 2001-12-16 22:05, Joshua wrote:
Shecky - that's a Target commercial (Tide figures heavily in it) - I don't mind that one so much, except that rather than using the original track as performed by Devo, they recreated it... They didn't change it, they just re-recorded it. I don't get that.

It still pisses me off - it inverts the whole point of the original song, like 'Fortunate Son' with the Wrangler ad. 'Beautiful World' was actually saying the exact opposite - it isn't a beauftiful, kooky world full of wonderful people shopping at Target! Grrr!

Sorry, but I'm a born-again Devo-head and this one really gets under my skin!

Shecky, I agree with you that it's a weird commercial. But I actually thought initially that Devo had produced that Target commercial themselves. Members of the band have been known to do some commercial work and the Target commercial just seemed so... Dev-O!

The group has also been known to insert subliminal messages into commercials that it produces. Read on... ... UYNLC.html

Now that Nokia has asked Mothersbaugh to compose new ring tones for cell phones, chances are that more people will hear his music in his current incarnation than in his previous one. At the same time Devo has been experiencing a small revival: Target uses its song Beautiful World in a commercial, seemingly oblivious to the dark message of the lyrics (``it's a beautiful world - for you''), Mothersbaugh said.

It may seem strange that a musician whose band existed as a critique of conformity, commercialism and unthinking mass obedience is now working for Hollywood, children's products and the advertising industry, but Mothersbaugh said he's much happier.

Several years after the 1980 release of Freedom of Choice, which featured Whip It, Mothersbaugh was hired to compose the music to Pee-wee's Playhouse.

``I got a tape on Tuesday that I had to score by Thursday so that we could watch it on TV on Saturday,'' he said. ``At the time I was in this band where we were working on 12 little songs for months and months, and we were in a horrible record deal, and everybody was kind of depressed. So when all of a sudden the first thing that came out of my head was going to be on TV, it was kind of exciting. I got the bug.''

Since then Mothersbaugh has composed hundreds of hours of music for television and film, in addition to compiling a CD library of 26 hours of leftover soundtrack scraps. In 1995 he bought and renovated what is now known as the Green Building, a landmark of kitsch on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood from which he operates his production company, Mutato Muzika.

To resolve some of the contradictions between his earlier band and his current line of work, Mothersbaugh said that for a while he would slip subversive messages into his advertising music. He claimed to have inserted a subliminal voice saying ``sugar will rot your teeth'' into a commercial for Gummi Savers. He said he also added ``avoid conspicuous consumption'' to a campaign for BMW and ``biology is destiny'' to a cosmetics commercial.

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