Reptile House is finally gone

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Re: Toxic Scott

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Artemis wrote:I heard via people who knew him and that I trust to be telling the truth that he OD'd.
If you'd asked anybody back in the day (20 years ago) what he'd eventually die of, they'd have told you the same thing.

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Revived for no good reason...

Actually, there is a reason. There's a fascinating FaceBook group going on: I Hung Out at Reptile House

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Good album.


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Re: Reptile House is finally gone

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Revived to share this: Reptile House Revisited -

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Re: Reptile House is finally gone

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Awesome. Reason to be in GR on a Wednesday night.

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Re: Reptile House is finally gone

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If I was still a drinking man I'd go. Many was the night I got wrecked on Skull and Jager...

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