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Post by sab » Wed Nov 21, 2001 1:12 pm

In posting a response on the main page to the Bob Dylan feature about the time I saw Bob, it dawned on me that a lot of you probably have some really cool stories about shows you've seen. And I mean both good shows <i>and</i> bad ones.

There are a number of memorable shows I've seen over the years, though just as many forgettable ones; I can't remember anything about My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult either of the times I've seen them, but I can vividly recall my first Metallica show in '89. With equal disdain I turn my mind back to an ill-fated group trip to see CSN and an evening spent with my girlfriend and Son Volt. And I'll always cherish the one Frank Sinatra show I went to see as much as I do my first concert experience with Bruce Springsteen.

I'll post these stories and more to this thread once it picks up.

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D. Phillips
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Post by D. Phillips » Mon Nov 26, 2001 4:02 pm

1. Sinatras at Club K at Kalamzoo College autumn of '89 (or '90). Drunk as hell and sweating it out with America's best unheard band.

2. Wilco at Lounge Ax some time in 1998. See above for description of show.

3. Blue Ribbon Brothers at Harvey's in June 2001. First show with Mick on guitar.

Many more. I'll keep thinking. I'd add a Vantrells show but that's just too much vanity...

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Post by Mixmaster Shecky » Wed Nov 28, 2001 11:28 am

Honestly, one of the best shows I ever saw was The Police on their final Synchronicity tour. They played their asses off, and seemed to genuinely have a good time doing it. They got called back for 3 encores, and played for almost three hours. And this was at tiny little Castle Farms in Charlevoix, Michigan! As much as i dislike Sting's solo career, I used to love The Police, and they really went out with a bang.

What a contrast to the low-key performance of The Replacements on their final tour. Back in the day they put on crazy-ass shows (when they were sober enough to perform, anyway), and I caught 'em at Poser's in D.C. Crazy, drunken maniacs-weee!

Then I saw 'em again at the State Theater in K-zoo just weeks before they broke up, and they were so obviously burned-out it was almost sad. Still, I drove 40 miles thru a snowstorm to see 'em knowing this would be the last chance to see them. I guess that show was not so much great as memorable to me - I was a huge Mats fan. Sigh...

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Post by Joshua » Tue Dec 04, 2001 1:52 am

Come on, Derek - our show with the Sinatras at Club Soda was certainly one of the most glorious moments in my musical career, and I have no shame about saying it. I think you're with me on that one. (oh, and I was at that BRB show - it was a blast.)

Those who know me well won't be the least bit surprised to learn that one of my very favorite shows ever was Oingo Boingo at the State theatre in Royal Oak. I know, everyone rolls their eyes when I start waxing melodramatic about Boingo, but they knew how to rock a house. Two and a half hours of relentless rock and roll that easily beat out on all levels of variety, performance, and crowd response, almost any other show I've ever been to (and there have been a lot). I implore you to check out "Farewell from the Universal Amphitheatre" - the Grammy-nominated video of their final performance for proof that they were not just some 80's soundtrack band.

On a more - ahem - socially acceptable note, the only show I will happily say gave the Boingo show a run for its money was David Bowie and Nine Inch Nails at Wings Stadium in Kalamazoo. There wasn't even a break between sets - the two bands just blended in with each other. The 'transition' song that found both Trent Reznor and the Thin White Duke on stage was 'Under Pressure.' That was truly an amazing show.

I'll also always owe a debt of gratitude to Derek for instigating a band trip to St. Andrew's Hall to see Suede. We would have seen them there a second time as well if the bass player's father hadn't died the day before the show. Instead we 'settled' for a Cranberries show just as 'Dreams' was becoming a hit. St. Andrews rocks!

Off the top of my head, I'd call those my top three shows ever. Other contenders would include Cheap Trick (Pine Knob and Club Eastbrook - both since renamed), Ozric Tentacles (The Orbit Room), and maybe Living Colour (Club Eastbrook).

Bad shows - not worth going into detail - Urban Dance League, Styx, and Winger. My taste could account for those, though.

(DP - was that Vantrells show in '95? I swear those years are all a blur.)

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Post by jimmyjazz » Fri Jan 04, 2002 1:30 pm

-the Undertones live at the Warwick Hotel in Galway.

-Doves with support from Starsailor in a tiny pub called the "Roisin Dove" about a week before they became huge.

-Oasis and Supergrass at Landsdowne Rd. -not so much for the gig but for 3 memorablr days on the beer in faie Dublin city.

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Post by madness » Tue Jan 29, 2002 3:29 pm

Just from last year:

December's PigFace show at Riviera was intense. Began at 8pm...ended at 1:30 (with 8 drum kits on stage)!

I loved Radiohead (and that amazing sound system)on their recent tour. Best outdoor experience, with Grant Park and the city views, despite the intense summer heat. Wish my stupid date had gotten his act together so we didn't miss Beta Band tho'.

Best show grouping of 2001:
Hey Mercedes
Rival Schools
Burning Airlines

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Post by sab » Fri Apr 05, 2002 7:16 pm

All the talk about Andrew W.K. and his bad metal on the main page made me remember the real reason I started this thread and abandoned it months ago. I wanted to tell the story of Metallica on the ..And Justice tour.

I went to see them up at Val du Lakes in northern Michigan. Fun place for a show, right near Silver Lake Dunes. Perfect outdoor venue, small, with little or no security. Tons of drunken idiots, bikers, and people up to no good. Remember, this is '88-'89, back when Metallica was the greatest metal band in the world.

I was in high school and went with two of my square friends. (So that made three squares total.) We didn't drink or smoke or anything back then. What we did do was gape in awe at the dregs of society that scared the shit out of our suburban nervous systems.

I was smart enough to wear black to the show. One of the guys I was with had a pink Polo shirt on. Whoops. He quickly bought a concert T and rectified the situation. We were sitting in the "reserved" section near the stage. This meant we had wooden benches to sit (actually stand) on. The hill (general admission) was separated from us by a big fence.

EVERYONE was wasted, except us. We saw a guy eat most of a sheet of acid, right after The Cult finished opening up. Later, the guy was jumping up and down on one of the benches screaming and shaking his fist--until he fell, face forward, into a bench, taking it in the mouth and nose. Blood was everywhere and he's still screaming and having a great time.

Metallica played loud and fast and never really stopped, a total frenzy for two and a half hours. People started trying to jump the fence and rush the stage almost from the beginning of their set. Security didn't even try to keep people from all but killing each other. Very violent, very exciting. I just kept thinking how my parents would kill me if they knew what was going on at this show.

For one of their encore songs, Metallica played "Last Caress/Green Hell", the Misfits song that goes something like "I've got something to say, I raped your mother today... I've got something to say, I killed your baby today. Doesn't matter much to me, as long as she's dead." The crowd went apeshit. We were scared for our lives. It was amazing. I was so high on adrenaline.

We stayed towards the back of the crowd the whole show, then tried to sneak out without making eye contact with anyone. People were getting in fights. Some guys with engineer boots were shouting the words to "Last Caress" at the top of their lungs after the show and jumping on car hoods, trying to smash cars.

I thought we might die. Wow. Metallica was the most dangerous band on earth. And I thought I was the coolest kid in my school because I went to their show. The funniest thing is that only six months earlier I had been teasing some of the stoners for liking Metallica. As soon as high school was over, I grew my hair long...

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Post by Sugarcubes Forever » Mon Apr 08, 2002 11:03 am

The shows I most remember aren't the one's I necessarily enjoyed the most, but here's my list of memorable shows:

Kiss, on the Lick It Up tour. They were just a shadow of what they once were, but I was in 7th Grade and it rocked! The first time I copped a feel, the first time I got a contact buzz, the first time a drunk puked on me and the first time I drank whiskey straigt out of a bottle.

Kenny Rogers and Dolly Pardon at the Ionia Free Fair, during the time of the Carter administration. During the 70s I saw at least 25 Country shows at the Free Fair, but that one I will never forget. Although, seeing Alabama was pretty cool too.

Rick Springfield on the Sweat for Success tour. Corey Hart opened. If you can guess how many times I saw Rick Springfield in concert I'll never speak to you again.

The second Lallappadoodleozzledoodaa tour at Pine Knob. Chili Peppers, Pearl Jam, Sound Garden, Ministry, Lush, Jesus and Mary Chain, etc. etc. Not to mention the uprooting of the Knobs entire lawn and all those stupid bon fires for the Chili Peppers set.

The New Order/PIL/Sugarcubes show at Pine Knob, now known as the imfamous "Bernard Sumner no-show concert".

Billy Goat at the Reptile House. What more can I say.

U2 at Fountain Street Church in the early 80s. Well, Ok. I didn't actually see that show, but it gets dropped around Grand Rapids as such a piece of folklore that I sometimes think I was there.

Niel Diamond at the Van Andle Arena (1999). He's the Jewish Elvis, and he still kicks butt.

I'd plug all my friends bands, but you know that I think you all suck. Except you, Phil. You're cool.

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Post by ryanking » Mon Apr 08, 2002 12:49 pm

That Metallica show description was awesome. There are some great shows that have been described here.

The first show I ever saw was Pink Floyd at the Pontiac Silverdome my senior year. Talk about a contact buzz. I didn't drink or smoke then either. We were pretty far up but the light show astounded my ass. Just before the halftime break, on "One of These Days", the trademark pigs appeared in these twin towers next to the stage. Their eyes were glowing like they were coming to get your ass. People were roaring. Then the things actually leapt OUT of the towers as the lights fell on the song. There was a bunch of pseudo-psychedelic video crap but I ate it up at the time. After the show I swear to God smoke was coming out of those revolving exit doors. It was the world's biggest clambake.

Since then, I guess I've always been taken by a strong visual presence. I get so bored when a band just stands there, unless they are playing the rock so ferociously that they cannot allocate any energy to moving. That's fine. And the other thing I'm into is the loud melodious sound that makes me gnash my teeth together and get down if that is the order of the day.

Two of the best shows I have ever seen have been Man or Astroman? shows in support of Experiment Zero and their last album. Truly all killer and no filler and I was breathless and hoarse. Life-changing experiences. Other shows that really moved me to the power of music, were Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Afghan Whigs, the aforementioned music makers of Goldstar/Fortune and Maltese/Leppotone living karaoke machine, Hot Snakes and Crooked Fingers at Michigan Fest last month, and last but not least, Kalamazoo's Overtones. Got down to them on many an occasion, and it was quite an occasion every time.

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Post by Jake » Tue Apr 16, 2002 9:53 am

The Beastie Boys at the Michigan State University student union in May 1992. It was amazing. I think Eek-a-Mouse and Firehose opened up. I found the setlist online:

1. Slow And Low
2. Shake Your Rump
3. Pass The Mic
4. Looking Down The Barrel Of A Gun
5. Rhymin' And Stealin'
6. Time For Livin'
7. Egg Raid On Mojo
8. In 3s
9. Pow
10. Live At PJ's
11. Stand Together
12. Posse In Effect
13. A Year And A Day
14. The New Style
15. Sounds Of Science
16. Finger Lickin' Good
17. High Plains Drifter
18. So What'cha Want
19. Paul Revere
20. The Maestro
21. Groove Holmes
22. Something's Got To Give
23. Lighten Up
24. Gratitude
25. Stand Up (Minor Threat Cover)

We got right up close and one of them threw out their water bottle and it bounced off Jolie's head. Before the show, Jolie and her roommate got filmed by Ricky Powell and ended up in the B-Boys bus (can that be right?) and they got MCA to sign a matchbook from a hotel in Memphis. MCA signed his name and drew a funny little picture of Elvis. It was just a great show.

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