Wildest thing you've seen at a show?

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Wildest thing you've seen at a show?

Post by Coopstar »

I was reading my daily dose of NME (as I assume most of you guys do) and I saw this about Carling weekend. I love how NME has all of these random quotes in their review articles attributed to anonymous people. This is hilarious...


I know threads like this pop up from time to time, but its Monday and I am bored so I thought I'd get some stories from you all about funny/wild show experiences. For me I was at a Who show (suprise) in 1982 when Joe Jackson opened for them. I was very young but since then, I have never seen someone get heckled like that before. He got a lawn chair thrown at him and a bottle hit his guitarist in the head. Joe then ran backstage got a camera and snapped a picture of the audience flipping him off. Magic.

Have you guys ever witnessed anything along those lines before at a show?
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Post by steve-o »

Aside from the normal fights that pop up when you mix Rock and Booze, the best one I can think of was when I was watching some local band play, and some naked guy showed up. Apparently some of the frat boy types didn't like said Naked Guy rubbing up against them, and started wailing on him. They got some pretty good shots in before the bouncers threw him out, it was pretty entertaining to watch.
That same show, the singer for the band grabbed a pitcher of beer out of an audience member's hand, chugged it, and then tossed it across the club to where I was sitting with my own pitcher. His pitcher landed right on top of mine and shattered mine all over the place. That guy had a hell of a throwing arm, and pretty good aim too. It was definitely worth my $2.
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Post by Stacey K »

At Warped Tour last year, the San Francisco pit stop took place on a pier. Well, it was the dead of summer and there was no shade, so guess what happened? Amid the screech of 30 punk bands, people started literally sticking to the tar. You saw tar spatters on people's asses and the sticky, gummy substance connecting shoes to ground. People were passing out from heat; they took the free Yoo-hoo (a disgusting "cocoa milk" drink) and started pouring it on themselves. Soon, it seemed like half the people there were covered in several shades of brown.

As for me, I refrained from the chocolate bathing. I was completely hopped up on Vicodin, though; I'd just gotten my wisdom teeth out two days prior but DAMMIT, I NEEDED MY PUNK. So I wandered around all day, completely out of it, chasing shiny things and running into walls. My friend almost had a heart attack keeping me out of mayhem's way. Woo!
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Post by Greenwood The Sock Monkey »

Ah yes, the fine tradition of bottling off-genre bands off the stage. I think it was in 2000, at one of the UK festivals (maybe Reading or V) one of the afternoons of hard-rock bands was kicked off by a girlie pop twosome (sorry, dont' remember the name). The part I DO tend to remember is that said bottles were filled with urine. Nice...

In related news, I was at Reading in 2001 and witnessed the biggest bottle fight I've ever seen, I think it was partway through Supergrass on the main stage. Picture 1000 people and 2000 bottles all gathered in a 50 foot circle, and on some unknown cue they all decide to let fly with a Battle Royale. It was like the opening battle sequence from "Gladiator". Very entertaining for 15 minutes or so! Of course, we were out of range. That said, a plastic bottle fight paled in comparison somewhat to the bonfires and exploding toilets later.

Ah, alcohol. The cause of, and solution to, all of life's problems.

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Post by Satisfied75 »

David Yow at a Jesus Lizard show in '92 swinging from a rope into the crowd at the Masqerade in Atlanta. That guy was an animal.
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Post by creepy »

as far as festival mayhem goes, i'd have to go with lollapalooza year 1... as soon as it started getting the slightest bit dark, several bonfires sprouted up in the lawn section of the outdoor auditorium... mofos were burning blankets, tshirts, plastic cups, amnesty international literature, etc... i myself thru in my raggedy old combat boots... (my mother had actually threatened to burn them earlier that day)...

as far as a show at a club goes, i went to see the bosstones and voodoo glowskulls once and the opening band was some cartoon punk band called total chaos... they were all decked out in their bondage pants and 2 foot high purple liberty spikes... you know, punk... anyway, the band's about to start, but no one knows where the singer is... the bass player storms outside and returns with the singer (who had been out in front of the club trying to score some strange apparently) in tow a couple of minutes later... they're yelling and cussing at each other and the bass player hauls off and punches the singer guy square in the jaw... P.A.F. after lots more yelling and the singer getting on stage and announcing that they were breaking up right then and there, and throwing his mic across the stage, everything settled down and they went on to play an altogether bland set of by the numbers GBH style punk...

other than these two incidents, the only really notable (non-musical) moments at shows were just run of the mill fights and stuff...
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Post by D. Phillips »

A few years ago, GLONO team members Jake, Sab, Pat and I were at the state theater in Kalamazoo to see what was then going to be the final Twister show. Twister was a band comprised of members of our favorite bands the Sinatras, King Tammy, and the Sleestacks. They were kicking out 8 years ago what made the Hives and the Von Bondies famous last year. We were excited to see this show in such a fine venue and got a little carried away with some pre-show celebrating before the doors opened.

The Kalamazoo State Theater is a big old-fashioned movie/theater house like most “State Theaters” in most cities around the US. It’s beautiful and cavernous. There are bars in the balcony, but since this was a lower key show than the theater usually handled back then, the upstairs bars were closed.

Sab wondered if the taps to the upstairs bars were shut off when nobody was tending and reached over the bar to test ‘em. They were not turned off at all and a golden flow of free beer sprang from the unattended taps. We scrambled for cups and filled up. To our astonishment, we walked away scott-free with our free beers and returned to the main floor for the show.

Not one to leave well enough alone, our Sabu returned to the scene of the crime to fill the cups of a couple young honeys we met at the show. Just as he was filling the first cup a squat, muscular bouncer emerged from the shadows and collared our hero. Cold busted, Sab tried to talk his way out of the mess by insisting we were told by a local radio DJ that there was free beer upstairs, all while the bouncer is edging him toward the stairs and toward the front door. ENTER: Jake Brown.

Jake sees the whole exchange and in a fit of drunken outrage tells the bouncer to “let go my friends.” Now the bouncer has two drunken mooks to contend with and he’s getting a bit nervous as he’s not so big to be able to attend to both. But he keeps moving down the stairs and the clumsy trio attracts the attention of the ticket takers at the front door. A couple lady ticket takers rush to the bouncer’s aid and distract Jake while pushing him into the Ladies Room as the bouncer moves Sab through the first set of double doors.

Just then, Sab realizes he’s the same size as the bouncer and he’s damn sick of being manhandled. In a burst of real retard strength, Sab lifts and pushes the bouncer into the glass doors they just passed through and panic sets in. The bouncer, feeling trapped, lunges at Sab and tries to get him through the second set of doors and out onto the sidewalk, which is by this time filled with students waiting to enter the show. At the same time, a team of much bigger bouncers pushes through the ornate glass doors separating the lobby from the music room. One bouncer breaks the glass and cuts his hand because he’s too dumb to realize pushing on glass with great velocity and speed MAY cause it to break.

Jake wiggles free of the Ladies Room and meets Sab and his bouncer friends out front where chaos is erupting. Some chickenshit from the crowd sucker punches Jake while a big assed bouncer has him in a Full Nelson. Throughout all of this I am very high and jumping from one set of bouncers to another trying to free my homies so we can get back to the rock and roll…and beer.

The Cops arrive and go straight to the bouncers for their version of what happened, and the bouncers fucking lie about most of it. Threats of imprisonment are bandied about, which raises the Constitutional dander of Old Man Brown who asserts his right to assembly right there on the sidewalk. One cop looks him dead in the eye and asks Jake if he thinks he can’t throw us all in jail if we don’t go home right that minute? Jake very calmly replies that he MAY be able to do just that, but that doesn’t make it right.

I’m eventually picked by the cops as “the only sober one here” and directed to find our driver (GLONO member, Pat LaPenna) to get our asses outta there. I look around and see Pat eating a plateful of nachos and watching the whole thing.

Just one more time we dodged jail in Kalamazoo.
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Post by anothermonkey »

Good story. This is hardly as interesting but the singer/guitarist from the Black Lips threw up about 5 times and kept playing last year at SubT in Chicago. That was pretty impressive.
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Post by Jake »

D. Phillips wrote:Some chickenshit from the crowd sucker punches Jake while a big assed bouncer has him in a Full Nelson.
Fucking vigilante. I'm still mad about that.
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Post by creepy »

y'all are madmen... i wanna party with y'all...
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