Got Live (If You Want It)

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Got Live (If You Want It)

Post by worpswede »

In the immortal words of Klaus Meine: "Do you see the microphones in the air? Do you see them?! We are making a live recording here tonight!!" Yes, the live concert recording has played a curious part in my personal record collection. It seems that I continually want to recreate that live experiences but have resigned myself to the fact that live records leave much to desire. Nonetheless, I regularly update my collection with them. I possess everything from vault raiding filler, low-fi audience bootlegs, to legitimate concert documents. I'm not trying to discuss why I do this, but I would like to discuss some of those live documents that have come close to capturing the live experience and hold a fond place in our rock & roll hearts. Here's a list of my favorite live albums of all time:

1.) JAMES BROWN-"Live At The Apollo"
2.) THE WHO-"Live At Leeds"
3.) JERRY LEE LEWIS-"Live At The Star Club, Hamburg"
4.) JIMI HENDRIX-"Jimi Plays Monterey"
5.) BOB DYLAN-"Live 1966: The 'Royal Albert Hall' Concert"
6.) MOTORHEAD-"No Sleep 'Til Hammersmith"
8.) CHEAP TRICK-"Live At Budokan"
10.) SPIRITUALIZED-"Royal Albert Hall October 10, 1997"

I can't stop! Here's some honorable mentions:

ROXY MUSIC-"Viva! Roxy Music"
THE ROLLING STONES-"Get Your Ya-Ya's Out!"
LOU REED-"Rock & Roll Animal"
BLACK FLAG-"Who's Got The 10 1/2?"
IGGY & THE STOOGES-"Metallic K.O."
SPACEMEN 3-"Dreamweapon: An Evening of Comtemporary Sitar Music"
JEFF BUCKLEY-"Live At Sin-E" (re-issue)

And no, the Scorpions' "World Wide Live" failed to make my list. Sorry Klaus...
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Post by amighty »

Good choices all around, but I would add:

TALKING HEADS - Stop making Sense
The VELVET UNDERGROUND - Live at Max's Kansas CIty

and as long as you're daring to put a Dead album out there I would add Bear's Choice, aka History of The Grateful Dead.

As for modern rock, if you can get your hands on it, I'd download a copy of the Yeah Yeah Yeah's live set from WFMU 2/22/02. They do a great mix of songs form the EP and Fever to Tell. Also "Raw and Rare" has a lot of great stuff from the Von Bondie's Peel sessions. They rock.

Maybe it's my scratchy piece of vinyl, but I never really went in for Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out. But that's just me.
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Post by Jiggle Billy »

Stop Making Sense is a fine choice, as is Dylan's Live 1966.

I personally, would pick "Woodstock 94."

Not at all
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Post by steve-o »

I second (or third) "Stop Making Sense." Love that boombox for "Psycho Killer."

And I know I'm going to get jumped for this, but Depeche Mode's "101" is a pretty damn good live CD. At the end of "Everything Counts" where you hear the whole arena singing along, that alone made me want to be a rock star.

To regain my music cred, I have a pretty good collection of Radiohead bootlegs that are definitely worth listening to. And The Smiths' "Rank" also tops my list. That version of "Still Ill" kicks the crap out of the studio version.
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Post by worpswede »

Agreed about "Stop Making Sense." Love it, but have difficulty giving it a high rank as I've heard lots of overdubs and re-recordings can be found in that release. Plus, I think the movie really brings it home more for me. I would place "The Name of This Band Is Talking Heads" higher as I've found the early Heads to be fascinating, and a pretty shithot live outfit too.
And if I can "bear" ass on a Dead pick, there ain't no way I'm gonna give shit for a Depeche Mode pick. The ending for "Everything Counts" is pretty cool as is the ending of "40" on U2's "Under A Blood Red Sky."
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Post by jaimoe0 »

I will add Thin Lizzy's Live and Dangerous, UFO's Strangers in the Night and KISS Alive, which is the only KISS album I'd ever care to hear again. I know the UFO and Thin Lizzy albums have been tinkered with in the studio (no doubt that KISS album was, too) but I don't give a crap. There are amazing versions of both those bands best songs on those albums. 70's hard rock rules!!!
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Post by Proptronics »

As I sit and listen to their fucking shitty, limp dicked, lame assed new album, I have to remember back to the glory days.

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Controversial Negro

Fuck yeah!
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Post by Lep »

amighty wrote:The VELVET UNDERGROUND - Live at Max's Kansas CIty
I remember Live 1969 as being tremendous, but that maybe because it's the record with which I discovered the VU. But as much as I love it, I haven't heard it in years. I refuse to buy it as two CDs.
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Post by KJ »

Gotta add...
Johnny Cash - At Folsom Prison
Sloan - Four Nights at the Palais Royale

(I'll second the Spiritualized and Cheap Trick, too...)
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Post by Jiggle Billy »

Even though it's not all concert footage by a long shot, Baby Snakes by Frank Zappa. Though I'd probably cut out about 1/3 of it, the remaining 2 hours are AWESOME.
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