dear chicago:

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dear chicago:

Post by nobodygirl » Tue Nov 09, 2004 4:37 pm

I'm sorry to do this again, but y'all were so nice to me the last time I pulled this meeeeeeee! shit that I figured I'd try my luck once more. Pluswhich I guess I'd better do something to celebrate my as-of-today status of Mack Daddy (yikes), bitches.
I realized this weekend that I love your city. I fucking adore it. I was there Sunday looking at potential neighborhoods for the boy to relocate to, and we both spent basically the whole day swooning (maybe it was just me). I am especially completely and hopelessly in love with Lincoln Park, as is the boy.
And so, and this is only partly to do with being in love with someone who's moving there, I've gotten over my qualms about that I have decided to seriously begin an investigation/campaign to relocate to Chicago. My current lease on my apartment ends in May 2005, and I'd rather let that expire than try and sublease, to that's my time frame.
The problem is I have no idea where to start.
What are the pros and cons of living there? Are there any good temp/headhunter agencies that you're aware of? I have a BA in English and a completely openended notion of what I wanna do with the rest of my life, although my two fantasies (that do not involve licking from yo' head to yo' toes) are working in publishing or in--heh--music promotion. I have actual experience in the latter and education in the former. Are there relocation guides I could consult? Is there anyone who reads this who is SO IMPRESSED with my writing that they will HIRE ME (in about seven months)? How the fuck do I do this?
(Note to Glorious Noise staff and Chicago resident poster types: I promise that none of the information that you give me will lead to me one day showing up on your stoop and declaring myself your New Best Friend and completely ingratiating myself into your lives. Unless you want me to. I am also aware that y'alls record label is so tiny that it could not afford to take me on as a staffer, but that I would do everything that I could to help it out for free if this move ever happened and this isn't just me pipe-dreaming on a boring and frustrating Tuesday. Be it known, also, that I am awesome.)
Please feel free to PM or email me if you don't want to post here.

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Post by Jake » Tue Nov 09, 2004 5:20 pm

I've lived here for three and a hlaf years and I love it more everyday. Finding a job can be a bitch, as you already know. But finding an apartment doesn't have to be. There are shitloads of apartments available right now. So you'll be able to find something pretty easy. Go to the Reader's Apartment Finder site and find what you want. You'll want to get comfortable with the neighborhood zip code map.

My biggest recommendation would to be close to an el stop. My first apt was blocks and blocks away and it totally sucked ass. This doesn't matter nearly as much if you get a job in the burbs and have to drive to work. But if you're planning on working in the city, you've got to be close to the el.

My favorite neighborhoods are all along the brown line: Ravenswood, Roscoe Village, Lakeview. Lincoln Park is probably out of any normal person's price range unless you can find some Depaul student ghetto deal. But there are plenty of great neighborhoods elsewhere. Andersonville is great. A lot of people like Logan's Square.

To Avoid: Wrigleyville is full of drunk, incontinent fratboys, and Uptown is full of derelicts, crazies, and bed-ridden octogenarians...

As for work, who knows? It's a tough time. But still, come on down. $1 PBRs at the Long Room on Tuesdays...

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Post by D. Phillips » Tue Nov 09, 2004 6:02 pm

GLONO is looking for an intern, so...

I have lived in Lincoln Square (not to be confused with the over-priced love of your life, Lincoln Park) and it's fantastic. It's a traditionally German ethnic neighborhood that is changing by the day. We have one of the best open-front neighborhood bars (the Heuttenbar), a fantastic movie theater (the Davis), the Old Town School of Folk Music, as well as Mayfest and Oktoberfest every spring and fall. Pricesa are still affordable and I live right between two El stops on the Brown line, not to mention several bus lines.

There are many, many great neighborhoods in Chicago and I recommend hanging out down here as much as you can to get a feel for what areas you like the best.

Jobs...the job market is tough right now. When I first moved here, I was literally getting calls from headhunters with better positions and money every month. Now, not so much. But you CAN find a job if you take your time and ask around. Talking to people is the best thing to do. Ask any of your friends down here if they know of anything or know anyone who might know of anything. You have some time so start looking now.

Chicago, like any big city, is expensive but not as bad as you might think. You adjust to it pretty quickly. I think the rule generally is that you can find a nice, decent-sized apartment for about $500 per person, per month. A single or large studio will generally start at $500-$550. A two bedroom will generally start at $1,000. Of course, there are deals out there but be aware fo the neighborhood and think about your safety. What good is living near the El if you can't be safe walking home after 9:00pm?

Feel free to ask any questions. We're here to serve you.

PS: Johnny might be looking for a place to crash from time to time and we gave him your number.

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Post by Lep » Tue Nov 09, 2004 8:12 pm

Sorry to interrupt with useless information, but I'd like to say as a two- or three-time-visitor to Chicago, congrats!

One of my fave memories was a bar/bowling alley called Timber Lanes! (Weird memory is the stares and having someone call my wife a vampire on the bus heading south from downtown. Y'all do need to come together, Chi people!)

Plus one of my very dear friends here in Parigi is from Chicago.

And it's where homie Rebecca Gilman got famous!

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Post by dieblucasdie » Tue Nov 09, 2004 8:27 pm

Yeah, I'll third staying the fuck out of Lincoln Park. Too many Paris Hilton look alikes up in there. I'm in Logan Square, and I pay $600/month for 2 people, but that's only because I have the best landlord ever. I disagree with Jake on Uptown. There are some crazies, but there are also lots of art-school types moving in. It'll probably be just like Wicker Park by May of '05. But yeah, stay out of Wrigleyville. Only go there when there's something good at the Metro.

Of course we all know that Daley's plan is to one day have Lincoln Park neighborhood extend from the lake to Harlem Ave one day.

Jobs can be a bitch, but it won't be too tough if a) you save up some money before coming here or b) you don't mind working somewhere shitty for a while until something better comes along. I too sport a useless English BA, and I'm doin' alright.

And yes, Chicago is a great great city. Don't believe the NY hype!

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Post by Charli » Tue Nov 09, 2004 10:47 pm

We're in the Loop right now and looking forward to moving the hell out of here and relocating up to Lincoln Square come late spring.

So I second that as an area to look into.

As for jobs, I just recommend checking everywhere and anywhere as often as possible. The Chicago Trib classifieds are a good place to start, though you not having access to the paper could suck I could say try registerin on their site and checking it out.

And I support dieblucasdie's job ideas. Work something that sucks for a while if it's the city you want to be in and you can forego the perfect job for a while!

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Post by dieblucasdie » Tue Nov 09, 2004 11:00 pm

Oh yeah, no one seems to have love for the South Side. Hyde Park is great, but it is pretty much an oasis surrounded on all sides by straight ghetto (Believe me, I work there).

Pilsen is getting to be good now (relatively safe, relatively low rent), though probably not the best choice for someone just moving here. But the wimpiest, whiniest, whitest guy I know lived there for a year with no problems, so that means anyone can.

[/extended discussions of Chicago neighborhoods veering off topic]

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and another thing:

Post by nobodygirl » Tue Nov 09, 2004 11:01 pm

Does Linkin Park's name come from the Lincoln Park in IL or NY? Or neither?

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Post by anothermonkey » Wed Nov 10, 2004 12:17 am

I graduated from school, lived in Seattle for a year, and then moved here. Compared to Seattle, I hated Chicago for the first three years I lived here. Now I'm beginning to really appreciate it. Fall is wonderful. Milwaukee seems like a good town, but if you're getting bored you should move down here.

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Post by WalterCracker » Wed Nov 10, 2004 8:46 am ... s_obit.php

"the home of Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, and Roger Ebert, a mid-continent oasis where the Democratic machine is still well-oiled and maintained"

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