Former Member of Pantera Shot and Killed Onstage

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Former Member of Pantera Shot and Killed Onstage

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Band Attacked Onstage In Ohio Nightclub, 5 Killed
Witnesses: Alleged Gunman Went Onto Stage, Fired Shots

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- At least five people died and two others were wounded after a shooting at a Columbus, Ohio, nightclub on Wednesday night, television station WCMH reported.

The shooting took place shortly after 10 p.m. at Alrosa Villa, located at 5055 Sinclair Road.

Two members of the heavy metal band Damageplan were reportedly shot and killed, including Dimebag Darrell, formerly with the band Pantera, WCMH reported. The other band member's name was not released. The alleged gunman also died at the scene, Wayne reported.

Shortly after the band began playing its first song, a man reportedly ran onto the stage and began shooting, according to a witness who identified himself as Sean. Some members of the audience reportedly thought the man running onto the stage with a gun was part of the band's act, the TV station reported.

Witnesses said that several shots were fired at the band. Witnesses said that a bouncer at the club tackled the alleged gunman before that person was shot and killed. It was unclear as to whom shot the alleged gunman.

WCMH reported that of the surviving victims, one person was in critical condition while the other was in fair condition. Several others were treated at the scene, suffering from various injuries.

Alrosa Villa is a popular north Columbus nightspot for young adults, featuring rock and heavy metal bands, WCMH reported.

According to the band's Web site, Damageplan was touring nationally. It performed in Buffalo, N.Y., on Tuesday night and had a concert scheduled in Flint, Mich., on Thursday.

Damageplan featured former Pantera artists Dimebag Darrell and Vinnie Paul. The pair were joined by vocalist Patrick Lachman and bassist Bobzilla, according to their Web site. ... etail.html

CNN also reporting.

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Post by creepy »

holy shit!

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This is a damn shame. I reviewed New Found Power, Damageplan's debut, and though it was a bit spotty - post-grunge here, metalcore there, some mean guy, feel-my-pain introspection - Dimebag and Vinnie still had a lockstep groove, and spoke of their new project in no-bullshit terms. They knew people were angry about Pantera's breakup, knew that the same types would be pissed about Damage vocalist Pat Lachman singing those old songs. But Dimebag dismissed that with his usual lack of subtlety, and was committed to proving the new material out on the road. What more can you ask from a new band?

If it turns out that this event was motivated by a disgruntled Pantera purist, what does that say about the inevitable breakup of iconic groups? Ten years ago I saw Uncle Tupelo in Milwaukee on their final tour, and I'm pretty sure no one shot Jay or Jeff. It doesn't help that the Cleveland shooting occurred on the anniversary of Lennon's death, though I wouldn't give that much synergistic credit to the "man in a hooded sweatshirt and hockey jersey" (from news reports) who pulled the trigger.


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Post by Barabajagal »

Dimebag Darrell was awesome. He had a great style, metal steeped in boogie blues. There was a graceful swagger to even his most punishing stuff. This really sucks.

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Post by Dawg »

Pantera kicked so much ass.

"Vulgar Display of Power" is one of my favorite CDs and one of the best hard rock albums of all time.

Remember when "Far Beyond Driven" (the follow-up) debued at #1 on the Billboard charts and surprised everyone?

Then Korn started releasing music and killed off old school metal. But that's another topic....

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Post by trainwreck2 »

Ive don't care for Pantera, but this does suck...I'm more surprised that he got targeted instead of Phil Anselmo, who was a much bigger loud mouth
Barabajagal wrote:Dimebag Darrell was awesome. He had a great style, metal steeped in boogie blues. There was a graceful swagger to even his most punishing stuff. This really sucks.

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Post by Maarten »

wow, that's shocking. rip

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Post by Tom4 »

Yea, my roommate told me about this last night. Very very terrible. He was a great guitar player and Pantera was without doubt one of the best live bands I've ever had the priviledge of seeing.

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Post by steve-o »

Holy shit! That was Dimebag Darrell????

I saw the news story on CNN, and they didn't mention what band it was. I had no idea it was anything other than just some local metal band. Man, really, that is the most fucked up of all the fucked up things that could have happened.

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Post by DJMurphy »

This is, to proffer a cliche, an utter fucking tragic moment in rock history. To my knowledge, it's also a first of its kind. When else has a musician been murdered on stage? Country Dick Montana died of a heart attack mid-performance, but that's different. Lennon was murdered, as was Al Jackson Jr., Mia Zapata, and I'm sure others, but again, not while they were in concert. This ugly happening sets an even uglier precedent; is it now fair game for every wannabe Trenchcoat Mafia/Lee Harvey Oswald-type to target performers as they do what they do? Doesn't that have chilling implications for Motley Crue, or other hated bands? Or seriously, for any other band?

I noticed that GloNo's very own JTL wrote the band bio for Damage Plan on; very nice. Think they'll let you write the sad revision as well, Johnny?

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