Bands you're NOT supposed to dig but cant help getting into

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trainwreck2 wrote:Cock Sparrer and Angelic Upstarts
they get lumped in as Oi bands which I think indie rockers or whatever aren't supposed to like this "skinhead" music but the bands frikkin rock...

Dude, that is nothing to be ashamed of. Cock Sparrer was a fucking awesome band! Rock on!
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So now it's safe to let everyone know that I enjoy the rock of Zeke. Their drummer looks like every guy workin' at one of the factory in my hometown. Come to think of it, so does everyone else in the band. Unfortunately, none of them blue collar dudes can rock as hard as Zeke.
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Teenage Heart is the stuff...from the beginning yell to the ooh ohh ooh, his voice is so unpunk and shrill its punk...dig?
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