Big Release in '05

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steve-o wrote:I do like the album. Reminds me of Birthday Party meets Camper Van Beethoven. Good stuff.
That's interesting. I haven't heard the Birthday Party comparison before. Thanks for supporting the label, Steve. We really do appreciate it. For real. At this level, every single sale makes a difference. So thanks.

And I think maybe we should threaten people who don't buy the album with sloppy kisses from me. I think that would be a much more effective marketing campaign.
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Hey, I bought it too! When some Jake Brown tongue-action getting flown into Jet City?!?!
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Jake wrote: That's interesting. I haven't heard the Birthday Party comparison before.
Its more from the quirky (for lack of a better word) narratives in the songs. I dig it.
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Ahem, this thread is woefully lacking

The Mountain Goats - The Sunset Tree

If the songs he played live are any indication, it'll be off da hook. It would be nice to see a knock-out punch from a studio Mountain Goats record.
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Oh yeah - and sorry to be a TOD fanboy, but they'll be on Letterman tonite (1/19) with Harvey Fierstein (????). The other 2 performances they did on Letterman were pretty wild... we'll see.
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