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Chris G wrote:The Kills - Midnight Boom
The Gun Club - Death Party
The Gossip
Ike & Tina Turner Review - Absolutely the Best
The Dirtbombs - We Have You Surrounded
Shout Out Out Out Out
You might want to check out The Gun Club's Miami, if you haven't already. I saw them in a small club in Madison, WI back in the early '80's. Jeffrey Lee Pierce wasted off his ass, forgetting lyrics, punks jumping up and down spitting at him. Ah, those were the days. . . .

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i've been playing the hell out of the x-files: the album - fight the future. my x-files geekdom is back in full swing. i've also been playing emmylou harris' all i intended to be and the baseball project's vol 1: frozen ropes and dying quail. i love it. for any scott fans you have to get this album. jangly at its best.

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Have A Nice Life's Deathconsciousness. I'm not usually a big drone fan, but for some reason this has me hooked.

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Post by Tim »

Ace Frehley - "New York Groove"

I was on Limewire and I accidently downloaded this while downloading some NY Dolls songs. It must have came up in the search, so when i imported all these songs to my Ipod, this song popped on.

I am so not a Kiss fan, in fact as a 5 year old Catholic kid, they scared the shit out of me.

This song though is extremely catchy and I have listened to it non-stop. When I listen to it, I feel like I should be doing some blow in 1978 with some strippers from Queens.

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The first three songs on the new Phantom Planet record. I have no idea yet if the rest of the record is any good because these first three songs are so good & I really don't like song 4.

Cat Power, The Greatest: Everyone but me probably knows what a fine record this is, by now. A definite grower. Another reason to thank Glono (Todd Totale, this time).

Mary Timony's Mountains: If you, like me, have a big place in your heart for motherfolking elves (none of this Devendra Bullshit though) and artists who seem to create their own insular world, this is cool. This record isn't quite as good as Helium's Magic City (my favorite Timony-anything) but it's compelling to me.

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she and him - vol. 1
tracy chapman - new beginning

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Still listening to Dig, Lazarus, Dig!

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mark snow - the truth and light, music from the x-files
juliana hatfield - how to walk away

that x-files is amazing for a score album. really creepy. the new juliana hatfield is also amazing. she's done a good job this time. i've played it three times this morning already.

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Listening to the LastFM Glorious Noise Members Radio and it is PACKED with lots of comedy tracks. Makes for a nice break in my day but who is loading up their day with Michael Ian Black?

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That's probably me. I go to bed listening to various comedy stations. Something about hearing talking helps me get to sleep.

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