At War With The Mystics

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At War With The Mystics

Post by Mixmaster Shecky »

Just got the new Flaming Lips - At War With The Mystics. Just going through the first listen now. So far so good. I'm thinking this could be another hit for them. It definitely continues from the course 'Yoshimi' set, but is not just a retread.

I love it when an old, established band continues looking for a relevant sound instead of doing the same crap over & over.

Arrr Im A Pirate
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Post by Arrr Im A Pirate »

I'm pretty suprised this thread has been ingored. I got it a while back too, and I've enjoyed it. There are so real gems in this one. Is there anyone on the boards having trouble getting a hold of them? Contact me and I can help you out.

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Post by n8 »

i have it too. good stuff. but i don't see much similarity to yoshimi. to me, it's more of a continuation of the path started by zaireeka and moving to soft bulletin then yoshimi and now this.

the interesting difference is that this record is a little bit sparser and less forceful than the last two, with lead guitar playing a much more important role. this references back to the pre-zaireeka records.

to me the most interesting aspect is the lyrical content - wayne seems to be struggling with handling his success and aging (he's in his mid-40s). it's the most overtly personal record they've ever done, and the most stylistically sprawling as well.

a very interesting record clearly coming from a mature band. they are after all, 23 years old now.

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Post by trainwreck2 »

too many good records coming out in the next weeks...this,Calexico, the Johnny Cash unreleased stuff linked offa here...wowza ... ayer=false

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Post by Tom4 »

I like Mystics. I've had it for maybe 2 months, but I've waited to comment on it until I could listen to it enough. I'm not really sure where it falls in the Lips progression. I think it's got their typical earmarks but isn't really like Yoshimi or Soft Bulletin. Some songs are reminiscent of earlier albums, but a lot of it sounds like uncharted Lips territory to me.

Still, it's a kick-ass album. It took me a while to get into songs like "It Overtakes Me" and "Free Radicals."

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Post by redfieldp »

I agree. Good stuff all around. I was kind of skeptical at first, and felt like it was a bit of a retread or a half-effort, but repeated listens have really gotten it on my playlist. It's a solid record with a nice mix of hooks and experiments. There's a cool commentary about the disc on the Lips' website by Steven Drozd.

Also, for those who are so inclined, a surround mix is coming out at the same time! WOO HOO! The Yoshimi and Soft Bulletin surround's are awesome, and I highly recommend them.

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Post by grounded5am »

i'm not a big fan of surround mixes much. they sound great, but their portability is highly limited and i rarely, if ever, listen to music on my dvd player. if it wasn't for the portability factor i'd like it more.

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Post by hausofjl »

i really like the flaming lips and have not yet heard any songs minus the one playing heavily on the current. if anyone could hook it up, i would be really grateful. ill buy it when it comes out, they are one of a handful i would consider purchasing.

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Post by worpswede »

To keep with the topic of this thread: I like this album more than "Yoshimi." It's a classic rock album, but a damn good one. I like the not-so-subtle nods to Floyd and I like the Beck-basing song "Free Radicals."
Highly recommended and it will be one of Worp's "Baker's Dozen" for 2006.
In other Lips news, there's some great footage of Wayne's commencement address at an Okie art-school in which he explains:
-He dropped out of school to work at Long John Siver's and sell weed.
-Urine sometimes doesn't work when addressing a sting from a jellyfish
-Tequila works better than pee when addressing a sting from a jellyfish
-When you use a hot dog to stop a tornado, you get the same damage except everything is covered in meat and mustard
Some great advice from Wayne Coyne:
Part One
Part Two
Courtesy of You Tube

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