Chicago rock festivals this summer

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Chicago rock festivals this summer

Post by Jake »

Three rock fests, shitloads of bands. Who's going to which ones? Post either here or there...
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I can't find the roster for Intonation, but Pitchfork has Mountain Goats, Spoon, Mission of Burma & Ted Leo. That's lookin' like my tick to click.
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Post by Barabajagal »

Am I high (rhetorical question), or wasn't Intonation the Pitchfork festival last year?
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Post by Jake »

You are not high. They split.

Intonation was "curated" by the Fork last year. This year it's "curated" by Vice.
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Post by explosionsinthesky »

As of now I'm going to both Pitchfork and Lollapalooza. Pitchfork because they already have some pretty good bands and Lolla mostly because I know some people and I'll be able to go for free.

I love living in this city. If only they didn't deny Radiohead playing in Millennium Park. That would have been nice to see.
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Post by n8 »

there are two places in the states I'd consider moving to beyond the SF Bay Area: Seattle and Chicago. Rock on you guys, and tell Billy Corgan I say hi.
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Post by hausofjl »

its about time us midwesterners got some festivals. personally, i really want to go to pitchfork, tapes 'n tapes is really good and ive been wanting to see mr. leo for years. and bonnaroo, if you can deal with all the hippie crap, the lineup is out of this world.
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Post by Jake »

Intonation fest adds rare Erickson show
In addition to already impressive rosters featuring some of the most exciting underground buzz bands on the current music scene, this summer's Intonation and Pitchfork Music festivals both recently scored impressive coups by booking several older, legendary rock acts that will be making ultra-rare appearances at Chicago's Union Park.

Intonation has announced the additions of Roky Erickson, the former leader of the 13th Floor Elevators, and Blue Cheer, the reunited proto-grunge/psychedelic-blues band, to its festival, which takes place in the West Side park on June 24-25.

And Pitchfork has added Os Mutantes, leaders of Brazil's Tropicalia movement in the early '70s, to its music celebration, scheduled for the same site in Union Park on July 29-30.
It's getting interesting...
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Post by blackshoestring »

I suppose that still means no Rita Lee with Os Mutantes? Either way, they pretty much cinch the deal for me. Hope they have more water this year...
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Post by hebrew hammer »

There's no way I'm missing Os Mutantes. When I saw that they were playing the 'Fork, I practically creamed my jeans. I was actually thinking of doing Bonaroo for Radiohead, but this is probably the only time I'll get to see Os Mutantes live, and I can probably see Radiohead another time.
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