Underrated bands

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Underrated bands

Post by Mixmaster Shecky »

What with all the recent bashing of sacred cows and artists who've gone to seed, I thought we could try going in the other direction. What are your favorite bands that never quite get the recognition they deserve?

Mine is Prefab Sprout - Steve McQueen is one of the best albums ever. Ever!

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Post by Jake »

Above the Law - they recorded the Chronic a year before Dr. Dre except they called it Black Mafia Life. Their album Livin' Like Hustlers is a fucking classic.

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Post by jaimoe0 »

I'm gonna say Harry Nilsson. I know he had #1 hits, and that he recorded some real crap, but the guy is never mentioned in the same breath as so-called pop geniuses like B Wilson, Lennon/McCartney and so-on, but I'd put him in that league. An idiosyncratic, wonderful artist who seems to have all but disappeared from our collective musical memory, unless you count Tarantino putting "Coconut" in Reservoir Dogs lo these many years ago.

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Post by Tom4 »

Phantom Planet. How they didn't become one of the biggest bands in the world amazed me. They've got it all--good looks, catchy songwriting, intelligent pop tendencies, name recognition--it's the type of combo that always wins. Oh well.

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Post by ryanking »

Flamin' Groovies!!! Their music is so catchy in that least common rock denominator way, yet they were so sonically subversive. Their sound was so polished, but at the same time so tossed off. "Yeah My Baby" is like Phil Spector on crack. That band is so full of fucking contradictions and so damn addictive. Any power pop band today will tell you this band is the shit. In fact, I was really impressed to see how many bands gave them props in Magnet Magazine's interview- the guy from Spoon in particular had the balls to call "Yes It's True"- the best breakup song maybe ever- his favorite power pop classic. And that's not even their best song. Like, all their songs are their best song. I'm sorry, their music makes me very passionate. Groovies Greatest Grooves is all you need. that's the CD.

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Post by jaimoe0 »

Groovies... good pick Ryan! And I concur that if you're into passionately played, tightly written "power pop," you need to get "Groovies Greatest Grooves," although I wish there was more Loney-era stuff on that album.

miss carol
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Post by miss carol »

Absolutely, Ryan! No question. Kudos to Magnet on the Power Pop issue that I thoroughly enjoyed.


Underrated Bands

Post by Trae »

Mission of Burma - they are starting to get their proppers nowadays. I had a chance to see them at the Metro in November and they sounded great.

Naked Raygun - It seems strange to me that with the return of punk that these guys still have not been given their due.

The Blacks/Black Family - My sense is they were a little ahead of the curve. To my ears they seem kinda similar to the White Stripes.

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Post by Jiggle Billy »


ATL is definately underrated.


Post by Guest »

Alright, I Prefab Sprout fan! Shecky, I bought Two Wheels Good (Steve McQueen) over the summer, and from the first listen I knew it'd be a staple. Talk about a guy who knows his way around a song! That's sophisticated pop perfection if I ever heard it.

I'd have to say that my favorite underrated band--well I guess they're more unknown than underrated--is Maestro Subgum and the Whole. I picked up their debut Lost Lost Lost from the rack of so-called shitty cd's in the back of the studio at my college's radio station. It's fucking amazing. They were a bunch of University of Chicago grads who formed a kind of indie-rock/vaudeville ensemble. If you ever get a chance to hear that album (not likely!), check out the song Rising Like Steam. It takes you on a surreal trip through the mind of insanity. Floors me every time. One of the group's trombonists went on to write the music for Urinetown. [/i]

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