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i try to give sources if i know or remember where it was that i read it. in this i didn't. i beleive though it was a post either on some other board or someone's blog.

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jaimoe0 wrote:They came from Rolling Stone. Grounded is lax in citing sources.
nope, that's not RS. someone else reproduced the quotes and wove them into their own story.

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The AP picked it up before the Stone issue was released. This is pretty common. Mags leak their big stories as press releases to drum up hype so people will buy at the newstands.

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Exactly. I first saw the stuff in an AP brief that correctly -- and legally, I might add -- attributed the original source, which was an interview conducted for Rolling Stone. Don't know the secord- or third-hand source where Grounded saw it, but I imagine somewhere in there is a mention of the original source.

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Post by MF » Rolling Stone is back with another article on compression, sound quality and the supposed demand for "loudness" ... h_fidelity

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