The Devil and Daniel Johnston

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This is incredible. More Texas psych rock war stories please!

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I contend that the deranged should be given acid on a daily basis. If acid makes the well-adjusted man deranged, then should not the opposite be true? Consider this example from the world of rock. Most would agree that acid contributed to the derangement of Sid Barrett of the group Pink Floyd.
After Barret was institutionalized his derangement continued despite the absence of acid. I contend that if doctors continued to administer acid to Barrett on a daily basis his condition would have eventually come full circle and his derangement would have subsided.

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I'm the first to admit I'm out of the loop I never heard of Daniel Johnston that I can remember. I remember the Cobain t-shirt but I never knew as far as I can remember what it was about. I heard "Freedom" before--maybe cuz I seen dat movie "Kids." In fact I thought this thread was about Matt Johnson from The The. I was thinking I never knew the guy from The The was nuts. Anyhoo I done checked out a bunch of Daniel's music on myspace and youtube and I really like it genuinely. It's mostly upbeat in tempo and he starts singing early in the songs. The problems I have with Radiohead and Death Cab for Cutie and other artists mentioned here is that
1) their songs are too slow
2) they don't start singing until 40 seconds or a minute. I can't wait that long.

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Anonymous wrote:Give me a break.
Gibby beat his wife?
Look, I totally acknowledged that I have no idea what I was talking about with my rant-that it was an immediate lashing out against a guy that I used to really enjoy, but then began having second thoughts after he fucked Touch & Go. I'm sure the Surfers had perfectly good reasons for leaving T&G, but the way they did it was such a dick move that you'd think that Corey Rush was embezzling MILLIONS from these rock stars.
But I digress...
Where did the filmmaker come up with such an idea to ask Gibby if he ever slipped Daniel some acid? It's because the word on the street in your town of Austin suggested that he did. And like a good filmmaker, he asked the question. I don't know if there is a more polite way of asking such a pointed question and, honestly, I don't know how the manner in which that question was asked is relevant.
As for how it was answered, that's prime Gibby. Let's state the obvious ("Giving acid to a guy with mental illness is not a good thing") but not answer the question with any conviction and with blatant facial ticks that indicate he's lying. Look at his eyes when he answers the question.
And I wish I could remember the other incident involving Gibby, but it's not important now. I only brought up Roky because of some show from the 80's where he was present and there was enormous pressure put on him to "create" or "be weird" and he was obviously very troubled by that. If anyone's seen the Erickson documentary recently, I believe there's something about that in it.
But back to my original suggestion, there's nothing to it and there's nothing to back up my short-sighted accusation, so ignore it. The only thing I can say is that it's completely irresponsible for someone as smart as Gibby to fuck with Daniel during a time when he obviously needed professional help. And instead of trying to diffuse the situation, he gets a fucking video camera out and records him acting crazy and talking nonsense. For what? To capture Daniel saying something profound or to document a future idea? Nope. He did it for his own personal amusement. That's wrong, and just another example of Gibby being a dick. The fact that he has to defend himself now in front of bold film directors is none of my concern and I'm sure that he's resting easy knowing that you're defending him on message boards without a full-time fact checker.
You win.
I'm sorry.

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