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Post by Lep »

From the little I've heard, I agree with Mr. Gallagher.

Current Beatle Faves: "White Album," "Revolver," "I'm a Loser."

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Post by steve-o »

Abbey Road is one of the greatest pop albums ever recorded. Period.

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Bootlegging made me a Beatles fan for life

Post by Donaldson »

The first music I ever remember listening to as a child was a bootleg tape my father made of the Beatles. (Sgt Pepper on side one, Let It Be on side two.)

A military brat, Beatles music was pretty much the only constant for me growing up and making friends. Styles and fads changed from place to place, but music tastes rarely did and the Beatles were always a perennial favorite.

When I hit college age and "discovered" the counter culture, the Beatles were, of course, there and in surprising ways. I'd seen (and loved) "Help!" and "Hard Days Night" in high school, but seeing Lennon in "How I Won the War" was great. Even better was the finale of "The Prisoner," in which nothing was answered but everything was explained. And Harrison involvement with Terry Gilliam's early film work still blows me away.

Since then, I've gotten a little jaded about the Beatles. In particular what I see as the over-marketing of "new" material. "I was the Walrus, but now I'm John..." and all that.

But now you've posted samples from "Love", a project I had barely noticed being interested in even bothering to consider the possibility of thinking about buying into. A Cirque show? With Beatles music? What do frog contortionists have to do with...oh, shit, now I have to buy this, don't I?

Thanks, and cheers.

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Post by booker »

I'm glad the topic of The Beatles Love came up on these boards.

When I heard about this album, it sounded like the biggest, most sacrilegious pile of shit. Then, on a whim, I bought it last Tuesday.

Holy shit!

If anything, I think critics have underrated the album. My first impression was that this is what The Beatles would've sounded like if they recorded these songs and released an album as a band in 2006. Which is a good thing. Like if Nigel Godrich had a chance to produce The Beatles, here's what they would've gotten.

If not just for the stellar remixes alone (and trust me, I hate remixes), the album's worth it.

As an album statement, it's brilliant, too. It feels like we're listening to the record George Martin always wanted to make with the lads.

Suspend your belief, and give this album a chance. Seriously.

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