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Post by russ »

Rikki Lixx wrote:Those things look gay. A couple of pine boards and a few cement blocks work just fine for me. LOL!
Well newbie, number one, I AM Gay.
And number two, the point of putting them in books is to reduce the space they take up in jewel boxes on shelves, or in your case on pine boards with cement blocks in your trailer.

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Post by grounded5am »

you're gay? who knew.

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Post by Tim »

I got a little story for you guys about cd storage.

My wife and I live in a two bedroom apartment. The second bedroom became my "green" room. The room where I would go to "relax."

This room is where I keep all my guitars, keyboards, music posters, and of course the two massive cd towers that hold about 700 cds.

My wife though became pregnant, and while we looked for a house, we haven't really found anything, so decided to stay in the apartment for a little longer until next year. Thus, the green room would become a baby's room.

After we argued about just keeping the cds in the room with the baby. Afterall he's just a baby why does it matter? Can't the cds share the space with the hanging turtles and frogs?

(I did concede to take down all my music posters...a pilled up Johnny Cash from 1968 would probably keep the baby up at night, haha).

Note: I had spent an enormous amount of time, the summer before, alphabetizing everything and organizing them. I spent hours going through all of it, this is a collection that started in 1988 afterall!

She wanted them in storage, I wanted to keep them where they were.

We then made a compromise to move the cds into our bedroom. I decided to just slide the whole damn thing across the floor. I'm strong enough, right. I can slide it across, this will slide fine and save me alot of time.

I grabbed a hold, and pushed my weight on it. Yeah, slid just fine. All I had to do was go around the corner, down the hall.

As I slid the towers across the floor, I heard a piece of the wood crack. I stopped to look and the back of the tower was cracking. I started to pull cds off, just to take off some of the weight. Too late, the thing started to collapse on itself. One side (about 350 cds) fell to the floor in a massive pile of plastic and wood. I screamed out. My wife came running and said, in her nice, positive attitude voice: "Its okay, you still have the other side of the tower."

Nope. As I tried to pick the thing up, the other side of the wood backing fell off...and they fell to the floor. It was a huge fucking mess of cds, cases and broken wood splinters.

So now, they are in a storage place with the rest of "Music Tim's" stuff. She won. I smell a conspiracy, maybe she loosened the back screws?...hmmm.

Once we get into a house, I will get my music room back.

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Post by stickman45 »

Grounded's gay for "ShootIng Rubberbands at the Stars"



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Post by Jake »

I totally hurt my back this weekend moving the big boxes of cds that I took off my shelves in order to paint the room. Stupid heavy f-ing things. I hate physical media. Sick of it. After I rip all my shit, I might just keep all the inserts, and dump all the discs and jewel cases. Fuckem.

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Post by Joshua »

Congrats, Russ... That's quite an achievement.

I did the same thing several years ago (I probably only had to deal with like half as many discs as you did) and I could never, ever go back to CD racks. I also alphabetized - that can be a drag, but as long as you leave some empty spaces as you do it, it's no big deal.

It made my recent change to full digital much easier, too - I just went page-by-page through the books and ripped away.

Well done!

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Post by russ »

not one GloNo'er mentioned how cute my pussy is.

Oh...I mean my cat in the photo.


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Joshua wrote:Congrats, Russ... That's quite an achievement.
The organizing the CD's part or the being gay thing?

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Post by Rikki Lixx »

Sven Killer Robot Spacema wrote: The organizing the CD's part or the being gay thing?
That's nothing that a trip to Hooters won't cure.
Case Logic cured the other one.

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Post by grounded5am »

hooters cures just about everything.

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